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  1. If you make an effort to protect your kidneys and also drink lots of water,,TREN in smaller dosages for short periods shouldn't cause you much trouble.
  2. Brief story of my life
  3. I've had to abandon some movements that cause me pain entirely but cutting back the weight back is the answer in most cases.
  4. Your doing the right thing by switching up to lighter weight,,you may even want to try some different exercises that directly effect the forearms so much until you heal.
  5. Some of those guys might actually look pretty good,,,on some gear!
  6. If that's true I would assume they would have an incredibly large list, I doubt that rumor is true though.
  7. It warms my heart to see the veterans return to the board, welcome back brother!
  8. I have many clients fly all over the world to see Dr. Blau in New York (USA) His work is very good.
  9. Wonder what the criteria is on that and how you would judge?
  10. Yes it can be deadly if need be. I have studied martial arts since a child and have always been intrigued by Krav Maga
  11. New one on me too but of course I'm getting old too so probably something 'stylish'
  12. I have an IVANKO Super Gripper that's made a great difference in my forearms and grip strength.
  13. FRANK ZANE was the master of this pose! The vacuum is tough to do,,,it takes some practice.
  14. Good stuff! Thanks for the share!
  15. Most definitely has the Oliva gene's. It will be fun to see how for this kid can take it. His future in bodybuilding looks bright.