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  1. Going to try this sometime over the weekend. Sounds great!
  2. Its crazy but I think we all know a freak like this. Something that no one who knows you will ever forget. Like you say, you probably would have to pack up and move.
  3. I would say he will become a menace to society and continue this behavior or even worse,,,, he probably needs to be castrated.
  4. You guys are absolutely killing it! You all 3 look outstanding!!!
  5. Nice presentation, interesting read.
  6. Looking jacked bro! Precious time with your babys, cherish and enjoy!
  7. I'm sorry to hear this was confirmed about Woodlake. Sad to hear,, a great loss to our community.
  8. How many of the DS do you use per day?
  9. Those are cycle dosages, not TRT.
  10. In some areas of the world that may be too much info for the Red Cross in my opinion. They put everything donated through stringent testing before accepting it for donation. Let them make the call if they want to use your donation.
  11. In Canelo Alvarez versus Mayweather ,Canelo only won ONE round and he's a very skilled, high ranked professional boxer.Your telling me that Mcgregor in his 1st boxing match ever (amateur in my opinion) wins 4-5 rounds against Mayweather?!!? I'm not buying it.
  12. I've watched the fight 4 times now and I feel more and more that there was a pre determined outcome. I think Mcgregor did better than expected because that was the plan, to put on a SHOW for the fans. I could go on about this but I call BS on this mis match.
  13. There's a lot of speculation and rumors regarding his death. I had heard he had a scary situation within the past year with Insulin that was a real close call. I know this, you cant play around with Insulin like that. One screw up and it can be lights out.
  14. I was disappointed in the fight myself. Felt like an exhibition match to me.