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  1. My shoulders really need a new routine. I think I will follow Cedrics routine for awhile. Thanks for the article!
  2. GREAT video clips,, big fan of Milos Sarcev and John Meadows,,,both know bodybuilding!
  4. I'm thinking maybe it should be in the arsenal for athletes. Many health benefits from GSE
  5. Good read. Glad to see TRT become more mainstream for men. I think its very important in an aging mans health.
  6. I agree with these other guys, I would have her ditch running. She will end up with more injuries then its worth.
  7. MOST of the negatives come from abuse and not proper use of TREN so I agree the hysteria is over hyped.
  8. I'm too squeamish for Pec injects but I do Delts all the time.
  9. A yogurt enema that's interesting !
  10. Cut

    Looking lean and mean! Nice vascularity too! Keep up the hard work,,,its paying off!
  11. Another good training tip to give a try!
  12. The Carrie Rapp photos are amazing! What a transformation!
  13. I cant even imagine how that will come out. Like you said, all I think about is beef like tofu.
  14. I love red meat. I don't eat it daily but 1-2 per week at least. The pic above made me crave filet mignon.
  15. They are still going well. They had an item no one else had that I needed. Solid service. I use another suppier for pins but wouldnt hesitate to use them if needed.