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  2. That's what told me to cut back last year,,my age. After ignoring some severe overtraining I inevitably had one of the worst injuries in my career.
  3. We had some issues several months ago, on our end, that put things behind. All has been remedied now. If anyone has an issue I assure it will be fixed. We promise to make everything right. Send me a pm with your order # and we will get on it immediately to get things resolved. You have no reason at all to worry or be concerned,,its only been a few weeks,,,your order is most likely already in the air on its way.There is an old saying ' no news, is good news'. Sometimes we only contact you if there is a problem.
  4. I think its something that could vary per individual. I know for myself it would be too much and overtime I would eventually overtrain.
  5. It was an amazing comeback and the best Super Bowl I have seen in many past years. I have no real time in football just a fan of the sport. You cant deny BRADY is one of the best to ever do it,,love him or hate him,,his stats speak for themselves.
  6. This looks delicious and exactly what I'm looking for. I will add this on my menu for later in the week.
  7. I love that,,,so much truth to it!!
  8. She got away with what was winning her fights,,,the ground. She has no striking skills standing up and it finally got exposed.
  9. If anyone has issues or problems outstanding please let us know.
  10. For me suppressing my appetite is mind over matter. It's tough to do but I know if I follow the plan my results in upcoming months will be well worth it.
  11. I absolutely despise the stuff, however I'm always open to a new recipe.
  12. Interesting read(s) especially the TEST/OPOID study.
  13. I'm already noticing the gym thinning out,,its doesn't take long.
  14. Beautiful photos! Already love for the IRON
  15. Sorry if you experiencing issues. Please resend email again and we will help resolve any problems we can.