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  1. I had always heard about vision issues with CLOMID but not these other SERMS and AI's. Quite interesting read.
  2. With proper use (not abuse) the reported side effects of AAS are highly over exaggerated.
  5. The guy seems like a tool to me. Instead of wasting time doing stupid things at Walmart he should be at the gym doing something productive.
  6. Firefox is still one of the best user friendly secure browsers.
  7. You make a very valid point actually
  8. That's something I buried in my life a few years ago and no looking back. Facebook just isn't something for me personally.
  9. Nice to have you with us brother. If there anything we can do,,dont hesitate to ask.
  10. Let us know what you think if you end up trying them out.
  11. I've heard that there is around 40% who don't notice a smell at all, even though it may still exist.
  13. One of my USA clients just used their service for Testosterone, free and total, for only $29 USD and had the results back within days.
  14. That is a shame!
  15. I have never used them but have heard nothing but good reviews from people I know.