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  1. Let us know what you think if you end up trying them out.
  2. I've heard that there is around 40% who don't notice a smell at all, even though it may still exist.
  4. One of my USA clients just used their service for Testosterone, free and total, for only $29 USD and had the results back within days.
  5. That is a shame!
  6. I have never used them but have heard nothing but good reviews from people I know.
  7. Not bad,,sexy ladies,,is there a part #2? All that kissing had to lead to much more
  8. I have to agree with you DJM on the trash talk. I was watching a press conference of BISPING and GSP and BISPINGS trash talk was so bad it was almost embarrassing.
  9. Well said! We all blessed with these veggies for a reason.
  10. I used to have tremendous success in my younger years with volume training. I don't recover the same these days so I've had to cut my sets down some.
  11. I like the part where you spoke about carbs and always being a protein junkie in the past. A huge key for myself was adding more complex carbs to my diet,,,I grew quicker than ever.
  12. That's a great find. It can get very expensive eating the way that we do.
  14. That's what told me to cut back last year,,my age. After ignoring some severe overtraining I inevitably had one of the worst injuries in my career.
  15. We had some issues several months ago, on our end, that put things behind. All has been remedied now. If anyone has an issue I assure it will be fixed. We promise to make everything right. Send me a pm with your order # and we will get on it immediately to get things resolved. You have no reason at all to worry or be concerned,,its only been a few weeks,,,your order is most likely already in the air on its way.There is an old saying ' no news, is good news'. Sometimes we only contact you if there is a problem.