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  1. Lat Pull2017.doc
  2. Thanks Guys. Time to go on a blast cycle to offset those cake calories, and look as good as you younger punks... : )
  3. I told you how to stop it. Injectible glutathione is best. Liver contains B12 and cholesterol, so that is myelin. Sometimes there is damage to acetylcholine or testosterone receptor damage in these cases as well. It can be measured. IL-1 is a good marker for demelination diseases, and is controllable with PQQ and adrographis. So blood test for that as well. It sucks when its a pet that cant talk. My sympathies...
  4. East Coast Medical supplies: New Products For 2016!! We now carry a wide variety of BD products on our website! BD Syringes With Needle BD Medical - Medical Surgical Systems is a global leader for hypodermic needles and syringes. BD has been a pioneer and leader in developing high-quality, easy-to-use injection devices designed to protect healthcare workers from needlestick injuries and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The Company offers one of the most complete lines of advanced safety-engineered products in the industry. BD PrecisionGlide™ Needles BD PrecisionGlide™ Needles are available in a large quantity of guages, lengths, and bevel designs. The large inner-diameter of the thing wall needles is designed to allow the use of a smaller gauge size with increased flow-rates over regular walled needles. Bacteriostatic Water Bacteriostatic Water USP, 30ml Size: 30 mL Container Type: Fliptop Vial Latex Free: Yes We appreciate your business. Please enjoy this offer while it lasts. Sincerely, East Coast Medical Supply Save20% Every item in our store is on sale! There is no fine print! Simply enter coupon codeoverstock17 upon checkout to enjoy savings of 20% off your order! HURRY THIS OFFER ENDS February 21st 2017 AT MIDNIGHT! Offer Expires: February 21st 2017
  5. If you do behing the neck, or overdo the supraspinatus, it has to heal 6 weeks before you should attempt to do more shoulder work. Symptoms Symptoms may occur immediately after trauma (acute) or develop over time (chronic). Acute injury is less frequent than chronic disease, but may follow bouts of forcefully raising the arm against resistance, as occurs in weightlifting, for example.[23] In addition, falling forcefully on the shoulder can cause acute symptoms. These traumatic tears predominantly affect the supraspinatus tendon or the rotator interval[19] and symptoms include severe pain that radiates through the arm, and limited range of motion, specifically during abduction of the shoulder.[24] Chronic tears occur among individuals who constantly participate in overhead activities, such as pitching or swimming, but can also develop from shoulder tendinitis or rotator cuff disease. Symptoms arising from chronic tears include sporadic worsening of pain, debilitation, and atrophy of the muscles, noticeable pain during rest, crackling sensations (crepitus) when moving the shoulder, and inability to move or lift the arm sufficiently, especially during abduction and flexion motions.[23][24] Pain in the anterolateral aspect of the shoulder is not specific to the shoulder,[25] and may arise from, and be referred from, the neck, heart or gut. Patient history will often include pain or ache over the front and outer aspect of the shoulder, pain aggravated by leaning on the elbow and pushing upwards on the shoulder (such as leaning on the armrest of a reclining chair), intolerance of overhead activity, pain at night when lying directly on the affected shoulder, pain when reaching forward (e.g. unable to lift a gallon of milk from the refrigerator). Weakness may be reported, but is often masked by pain and is usually found only through examination. With longer-standing pain, the shoulder is favored and gradually loss of motion and weakness may develop, which, due to pain and guarding, are often unrecognized by the patient and only brought to attention during examination. Primary shoulder problems may cause pain over the deltoid muscle intensified by abduction against resistance - the impingement sign. This signifies pain arising from the rotator cuff, but cannot distinguish between inflammation, strain, or tear. Patients may report that they are unable to reach upwards to brush their hair or to lift a food can from an overhead shelf. Wikipedia. Basically, the body wasnt designed to pull shit downward behind the neck. And upright rows can be just as bad, so shrugs are preferred for traps.
  6. You must be very careful with behind the neck pull downs. It generates my office a lot of money fixing injuries. The one arm cable pull downs from seat posiiton to your side really hits the lats. You can put other hand on the lower lat and really feel that contraction. A new favorite., See which way to twist your hand for maximum lat involvement, Some people find under hand grip works best and some stretch better in a hammer curl like grip.....
  7. Pregnenolone - Why You Need It Pregnenolone is a hormone that many Doctors and men are not familiar with or understand its role in the CHOL pathways but it’s critically important to our health as it is a "precursor hormone" to all other hormones in our body. Restoring Pregnenolone to optimal levels is important but seems to get the least attention by Doctors. Remember, the testes are the single largest producer of the hormone Pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is important for proper mental functioning and is the precursor to all of the steroid hormones found in the three CHOL pathways such as DHEA, testosterone, DHT, estrogen, cortisol... So what are the benefits of Pregnenolone? In our bodies Pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol (CHOL) via the P450scc enzyme. This critical hormone performs many functions in a man’s body, including: · Promotes healthy brain function and protects against dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Many men state feeling good when they start supplementing Pregnenolone. · It can also prevent age related diseases and support the Central Nervous System (CNS). · Boosts the immune system and increases energy production. · Protects against coronary disease and improves heart health and can lower cholesterol levels. · Enhances mood and relieves depression. Many men state their mood betters when they start supplementation. · Relieves arthritis pain! · Fights the effects of fatigue and stress. The optimal serum levels for Pregnenolone is 180 ng/dl for men. Pregnenolone can be purchased over the counter in a pill form (micronized slow release is the best for oral pills) or sublingual form in addition to transdermal applications. A typical dose is 50 to 200 mg daily best taken in the morning on an empty stomach (transdermal applied in the morning as well). Pregnenolone is considered safe and because it converts to DHEA which supports all three metabolic pathways. The labs for testing Pregnenolone serum levels are wildly inaccurate and expensive so testing for serum levels is really no more than an estimate.
  8. the nandrolone acts as progesterone, so her uterus is getting getting bigger, and feels like endometriosis. try (estrogenic) soy protiens, to more duplicate a normal cycle....
  9. I like doing donkey calf raises to really get a nice stretch. Just find the fattest chick in the club to help. Or stack on 3 plates on your bent over back for max reps, and pull off one until failure, and once again...
  10. Using clen...
  11. Any truth to doing curl ups to hit lower lats? vs overhand grip. And how about doing pull ups with a Tbar grip?That seems to keep the elbows in, focusing on the lower lats?
  12. Carbohydrate Sensitivity: It's a fun test and one that I recommend you. All you need is a stop watch, probably on your phone, and a salt free cracker. If you're sensitive to gluten, use a slice of potato the size of a dime. Here are a few caveats before the test. The goal of the test is to identify any change in taste. While chewing, as amylase breaks down starch, a subtle change in taste will occur. The change is often from bland to slightly sweet. When the taste changes the test is completed. You will test three times and average the scores. OK, here is a brief summary of the test. With half of an unsalted cracker or small slice of potato, pool up some saliva in your mouth. Start the timer and place the cracker or potato in your mouth and chew. Mix your saliva with the food as thoroughly as possible. Continue chewing until you note a change in taste. Take note of the time. That's how easy it is. Now swallow to clear you palate and do the test again two more times. If the average of the 3 tests is 0-14 seconds, you are a Full or High carbohy- drate digester, a carb digesting machine. If your tests range from 15-29 seconds, you are a moderate carbohydrate digester. If you scored more than 30 seconds, you are a slow carbohydrate digester and have a limited ability to digest starches. According to Dr. Moalem's work, diets for the 3 types are as follows: Slow carb or restricted digesters should eat 25% carbs, 40% fat, 35% protein; Moderate carb digesters should eat 35% carbs,35% fat, 30% protein; Full or High carb digesters can eat 50% carbs, 30% fat, 20 % protein. Experienced clinicians recognize that taste or the absence of taste is associated with zinc. So if someone fails the test, make sure you ask for a zinc taste test and supple- ment appropriately. Also this is a great opportunity to discuss chewing your food. Twenty years ago, Dr. Dietrich Klingheart shared some German research where patients were tested for food allergies as a baseline. Then for 2 weeks they were instructed to eat as fast as they could. They were then retested and the number of foods they were now sensi- tive to was dramatically increased. In our fast paced society woofing down food is more common than you realize. People will never really reach optimal health if they don't chew their food tagging and activating digestive support lower down the digestive tract. If we know someone has a reduced capacity to digest carbohydrates, consider adding a digestive enzymes of porcine pancreatic tissue 50,000 NF units of amylase, 50,000 NF units of protease and 9,300 NF units of lipase per tablet. Use 2 with each meal and more if you have a bigger meal.