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  1. OK
  2. Dont worry about it. I promise you wont end up like Piana. ( too soon? ) lol The only problem is when you have adrenal cortisol low and or Hahimotos thyroidits. And that's a diff facebook group... Both of these energy glands need a multimineral and B5/B6, AND TYROSINE.
  3. NO, you will see a 2 week rebound with T3 above 50 mcg daily, at the very worst. Totally safer than clen, meth, etc Only some depression with cold turkey.
  4. One of the safest and effective cutters around! T3 rules.
  5. Take more GH. Get aminophylllin cream with retinol and caffiene and rub it on gut. It is illegal in US . But see if you have a source in EU for us. Better than evicerate smolder with 2 cc of clen mixed in ! Also if just gut, cortisol levels may be to high on you. Get salivary 4x adrenal test to find out. esp important to those of us with kidney issues.
  6. What Is Leucine? Leucine is an amino acid that is regularly taken as a supplement. It is essential to the body, meaning that it cannot be produced and is needed to survive. Hence, leucine must be provided through food intake or supplements. Leucine is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA). The other two BCAAs are valine and isoleucine, with leucine the most promising of the three when used as a body building supplement. Leucine increases energy and protein (therefore, muscle) production, which is a clear indication of its use as a bodybuilding supplement . Similarly to many other amino acids, leucine is found in many foods that are high in protein. Examples include meats (such as fish, chicken, and turkey), dairy products (such as yogurt and cheese), and soybeans. Other foods like eggs, nuts, seeds, and fruit also contain leucine, but not to a lesser extent. Leucine can be classified in: L-leucine is the natural version of the amino acid, is found in the proteins of the body, and is the main form used as a supplement. D-leucine is the mirror image of L-leucine, which is created in the laboratory and is also used as a supplement. Health Benefits of Leucine 1) Leucine Is Used to Increase Energy Production For the first 45 minutes, leucine supplementation increases energy production, but afterward, it produces a decrease in energy (most likely due to the restriction of pyruvate breakdown) . Leucine Increases Energy Leucine breakdown produces two molecules that are used to obtain energy: acetyl-CoA and acetoacetate . In rats, leucine also serves as a precursor to different fats (fatty acids, nonsaponifiable fats, and sterols) that are later broken down to produce energy . Fasting leads to increased levels of leucine in the blood and increased activity of enzymes that convert leucine into ketone bodies and used for energy . Patients with deficiencies in the molecule that breaks down leucine into acetyl-CoA and acetoacetate (3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyase) develop acidosis (low blood pH) and hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) . On the other hand, in rats, leucine increases blood levels of insulin, which causes glucose uptake by the cells and ultimately energy production. Together,leucine and glucose induced a 4.5-fold increase in insulin (compared to 2.4-fold by glucose alone). Therefore, leucine plays a key role in maintaining glucose levels and producing energy . But, Leucine Also Decreases Energy Even though leucine increases insulin, which usually increases glucose uptake, leucine can also block glucose uptake. Fasting increases blood levels of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) such as leucine. A study found that fasted animals with increased leucine concentrations did not uptake as much glucose as non-fasted animals thereby reducing energy production . Leucine blocks pyruvate (a molecule that glucose is converted to produce energy) breakdown so that the glucose can’t be used for energy. This process of restricting pyruvate breakdown may explain why glucose uptake and energy production in the muscle of rats decreases after approximately 45 minutes . In people that fasted, leucine supplements also reduced energy production because it inhibited the insulin-mediated glucose uptake by the muscles . Leucine supplementation increases blood insulin levels, which boosts the uptake of glucose in the muscles. However, leucine decreased the insulin-mediated glucose utilization by 50 to 83% in fasted rats . The inhibitory effect of leucine on energy production causes problems when it’s supplemented to increase energy. Therefore, it is advised that bodybuilders consume a meal prior to workouts. Otherwise, the supplementation could actually be hindering the workout. Because of the inhibitory effect that leucine has on insulin-mediated glucose uptake, people with diabetes and those taking insulin should stay away from or not fast before leucine supplementation. This could possibly cause diabetic shock due to low levels of insulin and glucose.
  7. Cancer Res. 2006 Jun 1;66(11):5960-7. Grape seed extract is an aromatase inhibitor and a suppressor of aromatase expression. Kijima I1, Phung S, Hur G, Kwok SL, Chen S. Author information Abstract Aromatase is the enzyme that converts androgen to estrogen. It is expressed at higher levels in breast cancer tissues than normal breast tissues. Grape seed extract (GSE) contains high levels of procyanidin dimers that have been shown in our laboratory to be potent inhibitors of aromatase. In this study, GSE was found to inhibit aromatase activity in a dose-dependent manner and reduce androgen-dependent tumor growth in an aromatase-transfected MCF-7 (MCF-7aro) breast cancer xenograft model, agreeing with our previous findings. We have also examined the effect of GSE on aromatase expression. Reverse transcription-PCR experiments showed that treatment with 60 mug/mL of GSE suppressed the levels of exon I.3-, exon PII-, and exon I.6-containing aromatase mRNAs in MCF-7 and SK-BR-3 cells. The levels of exon I.1-containing mRNA, however, did not change with GSE treatment. Transient transfection experiments with luciferase-aromatase promoter I.3/II or I.4 reporter vectors showed the suppression of the promoter activity in a dose-dependent manner. The GSE treatment also led to the down-regulation of two transcription factors, cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein-1 (CREB-1) and glucocorticoid receptor (GR). CREB-1 and GR are known to up-regulate aromatase gene expression through promoters I.3/II and I.4, respectively. We believe that these results are exciting in that they show GSE to be potentially useful in the prevention/treatment of hormone-dependent breast cancer through the inhibition of aromatase activity as well as its expression.
  8. Cows eat veggies and we eat cows. Doesnt that count? lol
  9. Amazon has a special for this comprehensive DNA test that can tell you all your problems with a 75 page report, including ancestory. First sign up for trail PRIME membership, then order as many kits as needed for family and friends. Then if you wish, I can direct you to some sites that will decipher your genetic code even better FOR FREE! I want to know about my liver and kidney issues, as well as my kids mental health, and what will we most likely die from...Certainly worth the price.Normally $199. Half off with PRIME. Do it quickly!
  10. missouri medical supply
  11. endurance better with almonds....
  12. stay motivated, my friends....
  13. This is Carrie Rapp. Wow!