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  2. I find the one arm pull downs are super effective for lower lats. One needs to feel with the other hand at which position they are most contracted; for me it is with palm inward.... Actually making me to wide, according to my fellow cohorts!
  3. Only if I dressed up like Frankenfurter...
  4. Correct, but in compromised kidney function, (GFR lower than 60), or possibly with taking TREN and other kidney harsh AAS, there may be increased kidney damage from stones etc...
  5. NIce chart of potential sided effects of body builder chemicals....
  6. Too much conflicting info. Mostly affecting bone mass and kidneys. From the NIH >>>> Researchers suggest that about 80% of the diet should consist of alkalizing foods like dark leafy greens, broccoli, artichokes, cauliflower, lemons and limes, asparagus and onions. Pea protien may be better than whey protein. High-protein diets may also affect bone health but some protein is also needed for good bone health. Muscle wasting however seems to be reduced with an alkaline diet and back pain may benefit from this as well. An alkaline environment may improve the efficacy of some chemotherapy agents but not others. The A, B, C, D,’s of Kidney Health · A: Apple Cider Vinegar One of the best tools for promoting an alkaline environment in the body is this amazing (and super cheap) solution. Apple cider vinegar not only tips the body balance toward alkaline, it also has been found to help dissolve kidney stones. It does so by helping to flush harmful toxins out the body, including excess mineral deposits that often become kidney stones. · B: Vitamin B6 Our friends at the Linus Pauling Institute reported on a large prospective study that found vitamin B6 helped reduce the incidence of kidney stones in women. Over 14 years, researchers studied more than 85,000 women with no prior history of kidney stones.Those who consumed at least 40mg of vitamin B6 daily had a 33% less chance of developing kidney stones than those who only consumed 3mg/day. Experts suggest that vitamin B6 may help prevent the buildup of calcium oxalate andreduce urinary oxalate levels to inhibit the formation of kidney stones. This mighty vitamin also promotes red blood cell production, a function of the kidneys. · C: Vitamin C As you’re probably well aware, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that plays a vital role in protecting cells from oxidative damage. Delivering adequate vitamin C to your cells has been found to help fend off kidney disease by preventing cellular oxidation and resulting endothelial dysfunction. One 2011 study established a link between low vitamin C levels and kidney disease in non-diabetic patients. · D: Vitamin D3 Vitamin D deficiency is known to contribute to a mineral imbalance in patients with chronic kidney disease and even speed up the disease’s progression. Recently, researchers discovered that Vitamin D may have the power to reduce a residual symptom of kidney disease, proteinuria, or excess protein in the urine. Recent large randomized clinical trials have demonstrated that vitamin D prevents injury to podocytes, or epithelial kidney cells and helps maintain the integrity of the glomerular filtration barrier, which is a highly specialized system that filters unwanted particles out of the blood.
  7. Just popped out the top ribs doing these. Thank God for my therapists in the office! This is a nice layout, as sometimes too much trapezius can make delts look small. The balance between them is critical.
  8. From my Greek Dr. Friend: exemestane tamoxifen etc : use caution!!
  10. I like the idea of pre exhausting the legs with Flexion/ extension exercise, since I have a lower back problem, and squats can be difficult. I did your routine with 30 reps to start, (owww), and then lowered weight each time, to keep hitting 20 -30 reps each time, running down the stack. Beside splitting my shirt, and not being able to lift my toothbrush, I couldn't even do one push up on the old lady later in the day. She's better on top anyhow...LMAO (owww)
  11. Are you doing the 30 rep method because you're older, or do you find that;s the best way to fatigue out the muscles? My thinking is its the last couple reps that get you big, so why not just short fast sets with super heavy weight?
  12. Sure. Type 1 or 2? And what about your thyroid and adrenals?