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  1. Yeah its good for blood flo but damm it makes my head feel like its on fire. I get hot enough when training.
  2. I frequently get asked whether or not you really need to supplement with BCAAs. Aside from their delicious taste, the answer ultimately comes down to two things: the type of exercise you do and your performance goals. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are made up of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They're deemed "essential" because the body can't make them, so they must be consumed through food. While you could stick to whole foods like chicken, beef, and eggs for your BCAA needs, supplementation has its advantages, because pure BCAAs bypass the liver and gut and go directly into your bloodstream. BCAAs are particularly important for people with muscle-building or muscle-maintenance goals. BCAAs, especially leucine, help regulate protein metabolism by promoting muscle protein synthesis and suppressing protein breakdown. But is that reason enough to take a scoop before training? The answer is a bit more complicated. BCAAS: The Science Previous research has found that BCAA supplementation before your workout can help increase rates of protein synthesis, suppress muscle protein breakdown, reduce markers of muscle damage, and lessen the symptoms of delayed-onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).[1-5] Sounds pretty impressive, right? Well, I hate to be Debbie Downer, but these findings haven't necessarily proven increases in strength or muscle mass. If your goal is to add size and strength, and you're already meeting your daily protein needs through whole foods and protein shakes, additional BCAAs probably won't do much for you. Don't throw away your shaker bottle just yet, though! BCAAs may not stimulate hypertrophy on their own, but taking 6-10 grams pre-workout can help you to hit the weights with enough consistent intensity and volume to stimulate muscle growth and get you back in the gym sooner by promoting faster recovery. Also, BCAAs are broken down during exercise and used as an immediate energy source.[6] A decline in circulating BCAA levels leads to an increase in serotonin concentrations in the brain, which is thought to partly contribute to fatigue during exercise. This is especially true for endurance-based exercise.[7] Adding a scoop or two of BCAAs to your intra-workout drink can also be helpful if you follow a low-carb diet or train in a fasted state, because they may reduce fatigue and enhance fat utilization during exercise in a glycogen-depleted state.[8] References Shimomura, Y., Inaguma, A., Watanabe, S., Yamamoto, Y., Muramatsu, Y., Bajotto, G., ... & Mawatari, K. (2010). Branched-chain amino acid supplementation before squat exercise and delayed-onset muscle soreness. International Journal of Sport Nutrition, 20(3), 236. Coombes, J. S., & McNaughton, L. S. (2000). Effects of branched-chain amino acid supplementation on serum creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase after prolonged exercise. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 40(3), 240. MacLean, D. A., Graham, T. E., & Saltin, B. (1994). Branched-chain amino acids augment ammonia metabolism while attenuating protein breakdown during exercise. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology And Metabolism, 267(6), E1010-E1022. Nosaka, K., Sacco, P., & Mawatari, K. (2006). Effects of amino acid supplementation on muscle soreness and damage. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 16(6), 620. Tipton, K. D., Rasmussen, B. B., Miller, S. L., Wolf, S. E., Owens-Stovall, S. K., Petrini, B. E., & Wolfe, R. R. (2001). Timing of amino acid-carbohydrate ingestion alters anabolic response of muscle to resistance exercise. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology And Metabolism, 281(2), E197-E206. Shimomura, Y., Murakami, T., Nakai, N., Nagasaki, M., & Harris, R. A. (2004). Exercise promotes BCAA catabolism: effects of BCAA supplementation on skeletal muscle during exercise. The Journal of Nutrition, 134(6), 1583S-1587S. Newsholme, E. A., Acworth, I. N., & Blomstrand, E. (1987). Amino acids, brain neurotransmitters and a functional link between muscle and brain that is important in sustained exercise. Advances in Myochemistry, 1, 127-133. Gualano, A. B., Bozza, T., De Campos, P. L., Roschel, H., Costa, A. D. S., Marquezi, M. L., ... & Junior, A. H. L. (2011). Branched-chain amino acids supplementation enhances exercise capacity and lipid oxidation during endurance exercise after muscle glycogen depletion. The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 51(1), 82-8.
  3. Think the only pre-workout that elite lifters take comes in a powder form? Think again... Years ago, there was a great topical cream that worked wonders for strength athletes... The product was called Zanagen Ignite. Speaking from experience, I can say this stuff brought a blast of heat to the muscles, significantly reduced pain, and produced a noticeable improvement in both muscle performance and size... All you needed to do was apply Ignite about 30 minutes before your workout and the results were amazing! Unfortunately, Zanagen shut its doors, and Ignite was abruptly extinguished shortly after its inception... Other products promising the same effect, alas, were also short-lived. Fear not, though, there's a natural topical remedy that you can use that works just as well. It was developed over 100 years ago, and it's probably sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. It's good old Tiger Balm. Let the Tiger Attack Your Calves Athletes from around the world have used Tiger Balm for ages during training to help them increasd blood flow and reduce cramping... What many people do not realize, however, is that Tiger Balm can also help with muscle growth, especially with stubborn body parts like calves. Yes, the stuff that you rub on every once in a while to incinerate pain can actually help you train harder! All you have to do is rub it on the area that you plan to train... Do it right before your workout, or, for an even better effect, rub it on during your workout. The main active ingredient of Tiger Balm is camphor, which brings blood (and thus heat) to the area like the creams I mentioned above. But, unlike those creams, Tiger Balm is relatively inexpensive, can be found at your local drugstore, and will likely not be pulled off the market anytime soon... Tiger Balm Ultra Strength uses only natural, herbal ingredients that are quite potent... This stuff is known as the "essence of the gods" for a reason. It works! The late Anthony Ditillo, a long-respected expert in the field of muscle strength and size development, claimed that he gained an inch on his calves after rubbing Tiger Balm on them between sets of calf raises... You may not see anything that dramatic, but you'll probably be able to better withstand the pain and burning of a serious calf workout.
  4. The bedtime meal represents your last opportunity to steel your body against muscle breakdown for the next eight hours. Your next meal is breakfast, and they call it that because you’re breaking your fast. If you’re trying to gain muscle, you don’t want the fast to be any longer than it needs to be. To preserve those gains, a high-protein meal is necessary. And what better way to boost this meal then by making mouthwatering peanut butter (or any nut butter) the focal point? End your day—heck, you can have it at any time of day—with this high-protein, peanut butter pudding. The combination of whey, casein, and peanut butter all work hand in hand to optimize the muscle-building environment overnight. Whey acts fast; casein nourishes your muscles more slowly. Peanut butter adds the sweet and delicious taste you desire, and the high fat content slows digestion, which prolongs the release of amino acids for the hours to come. Ingredients Peanut butter, 2 tbsp Whey protein (flavor of choice), 1 scoop Casein protein (flavor of choice), 1/2 scoop Water, 1-2 oz. Directions Add the peanut butter to a microwave-safe bowl and heat it for 20-25 seconds. Add the protein powder to the bowl. Add a small drizzle of water. Always err on the side of too little, because if you add too much, you’ll be left with an unappetizing, watery mess. Begin to slowly mix the peanut butter, protein, and water. Be patient, as it will take time for all three to combine. Continue stirring, and add water only if necessary, until the desired consistency is achieved. Additionally, consider topping it with sliced bananas, fresh berries, walnuts, pecans, or crushed pretzels. Nutrition Information Serving Size: 1 bowl Recipe Yields 1 bowl Calories: 391 Fat: 19 g Carbohydrates: 11 g Protein: 44 g
  5. Good to see you back brother...The lastest news around here has be alot about some good people passing away recently. But good to see you putting the pieces together and getting yourself feeling and looking good again. We all realize good health is number one. If you have any questions there are some very knowlegeable people here that will help you with any questions.
  6. Thanks for your concern Spartan, That Hurricane was a bitch. Been through many but this one hit hard where I live but I survived. The hardest part was having no power, cable, internet or even cell phone for so many days. I really dont know how people lived a hundred years ago but I guess you cant miss what you never had but good to be back and getting life back to normal. With Woodlake, This site will keep his memory, knowledge and personality alive forever as his words are written here as long as this site is going and I prey it always will. With so many of us here trying to be the best we can be. We all have different goals and some of us just want to get big. I just saw another new video on Rich Piana that I just posted in his thread with his friend talking about Rich being to big and how he would be constantly sweating and breathing hard. As most of us know with getting super big it takes a toll on your heart. Your body was not meant to hold that much weight. My main goal has always to get as big as possible but as soon as I hit a certain weight, everything in life seems harder. hard time breathing, tying my shoes, climbing stairs, etc...You just feel like shit all the time til you back off and drop some weight and all is good again. I know if your goal is to be huge, backing off is not easy to do. Its a mind fuck for me for years. Keep wanting to get bigger but when you feel your body saying it dosent feel good at this weight you need to listen or within time your heart just wont take it anymore. I know Wedge has mentioned this also here in many threads. Same as me. He has to back off and go down in weight to feel better again. Its not what we want to do but we have to be smart about it or pay the ultimate price. Be safe brothers and listen to your body.
  7. Hey Midnight,

    Is Hercules still in business? I sent a couple of Emails over the last few days and got no response. I went to the web page and it is down and for sale. Now I've got two requests for testosterone hanging out there for anyone to see. Any news, advice, words of wisdom? 



  8. I just found out from another MOD here that knew Woodlake that yes he did pass away last January from a heart attact. He was one of the few people that I personally got to meet from this site. I think he was only around 50 years old. Just goes to show you. Live life to the fullest brothers, you never know when the end will come and as you can see from some of these resent deaths, they all died way to young and never saw it coming. Rest in Peace WoodLake. (Lance)
  9. I watched a video that his current girlfriend posted the other day clearing things up. It was hard to watch and she had a very hard time talking about it. But she mentioned about the 20 vials of steroids they found. She said Rich told her that would last a year for him...Possibly but I think he may do more in a year. You figure if your doing 700mg of Tren Ace a week, thats almost a vial a week right their but either way we all know steroids wasnt the cause of his death. Now the white powder with the credit card and rolled up bill on the table she says was not coke but was one of his pre workout supps and he would put it into lines like with coke and snort it up his nose for a much faster hit into his blood stream. She said he even has a few videos in the past where you can see him doing it that way. Now I use some of his pre workout powders and they are potent stuff. I always have a problem with them so I only do half a dose of it mixed in water and minutes later I'm shaky, dizzy, start sweating, ears burning etc. and I think that would be worse then coke for snorting up your nose...Not sure if that is what did him in but holy shit. Never mind my post above, Just saw the video is already posted here.
  10. I'm sure some of the vets here remember Grunt...My favorite show on TV is Preacher on AMC channel...Theirs this guy that just started appearing in the show 2 weeks ago. He's a bodyguard to the director in Hell...Big mofo that looks exactly like Grunt. Same tattoos and all. I think I even remember him saying he was getting into movies or TV...In the show he doesn't speak a word but he doesn't have to considering how huge the guy is. In the credits it doesn't say Grunt but a different name but strangely the name used is just a one word name just like Grunt... Check it out if you remember him and tell me that's not him?
  11. Mcgregor who is 11 years younger had no energy at all from round one...I thought he would do a lot better then what he did...but I bet if Mayweather went into a UFC ring, things would be totally different....But all in all...That was a easy $300 million he made in a just a few minutes and from the smiles on his face during the fight...easy money... I seen him a strip club in Miami not long ago and the guy comes in with a duffle bag with a million in cash in it...what a life...
  12. I'll check it out and see if I can find anything anout this.
  13. Prince wasnt to smart...I knew him very well in the day. He worked for me at a world gym as a trainer for a few years...I used to watch him inject loads of gear 7 days a week...He way over did it...Injecting more in a day then most do in a month...I know hes dead but damm he was a prick...You wont beleive the shit I saw this guy do.
  14. Well it happened... This morning it was confirmed that Rich Piana has died...46 years old...I'm sad and pissed at the same time. The guy was so smart and he did the same way as so many other bodybuilders and Pro wrestlers and athletes that used steroids have done...He mixed steroids with other drugs like coke and Bamm its all over...RIP Rich... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4321032/rich-piana-dead-at-46-elite-bodybuilder-dies-after-two-weeks-in-a-coma-following-overdose-according-to-estranged-wife