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  1. this will fix your appetite.
  2. it's just like intermittent fasting or the Warrior Diet. like any like any workout all diets are just a tool in the toolbox not end all be all's. They need to be cycled IMO.
  3. Off hand I remember any. One that african hunters used comes to mind but I can't remember the name. Maybe google african hunter appetite suppressant. A diet like that will put extra stress in the adrenals so get lots of sleep & keep the stress at a minimum.
  4. I kind of like running anavar. Yes nothing dramatic but with me slow steady gains. I up the dose on workout days and add some anadrol. Good for strength.
  5. They wouldnt put to much in it. Vit A is usually ok with vit D & beta carotine is sometimes hard to convert to A by some. A good thing about is you know quality is good. A good place to research too.
  6. Look at real folate, fish oil, b vits...A lot more. it's hard to get proper nutrition from a vegetarian diet but you can if you know how.
  7. Santa didn't get me a power rack. But that's not your usual entry level item so I doubt I'll see that around.
  8. yep your dead on there. I see a10 x retention ratio. As a matter of fact also 10 time sign up increase from the other gyms to boot.
  9. If the gym is packed dont worry it should start emptying out by Feb. It will be a good time to buy gym equipment on craigslist also.
  10. We are small but there are pretty good people here still. I look at some of the other sites & though there are some good people a lot of the post are useless. A good thing about a place like this is what one person doesn't know another will. No one knows everything & everyone brings something. We do need a larger membership though.
  11. The gym can have those carnival mirrors that bend the light so they don't look fat & then take pictures for facebook. If they do want to look like they are sweating have some squirt bottles on hand on the way out.
  12. Planet Fitness LOL. Looks like a perfect place to serve pizza.
  13. For someone wanting to give their woman small doses of test. Use an insulin syringe and give it Sub-Q. A lot of people will take this a lot easier than huge syringe in the meat of your ass.
  14. Hormones are a big one. If you dopamine give her some deprenyl (good stuff for everyone, even for life extension). NTs are funny & everyone has a dominate NT by nature. If someone is feeling not them self that may be why. Google "Braverman nature test". It's a written test & takes about 15 minutes. It's just an easy first step to see if someone is off. I'd recommend it for anyone. If someone has NTs that are off that may be (or not) just a symptom of living wrong. Serotonin will really fuck someone up & depression isn't always serotonin. Some "natures way saint john's root" really works. Of course taking any drug, supp, test or what ever would predicate that one's girl would be open to such stuff. May will tell you to fuck off with your crazy shit cause your not a doc lol. I wont ever hook up with another again that isn't adventurous enough. Women's shit is more complex. A lot are nuts to start with & they got hormones & men to contend with. Then they get past menopause & about half lose interest in sex.....well that the ones that admit it..........that's when they claim to discover morality & don't want to have casual sex anymore. Ask me how I know that LOL
  15. That class sounds like it should be required reading before a relationship. In the bible it say a woman shouldn't deny her man & a man should love his woman...but not the other way around lol.