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  1. Ya seeing a pic of yourself on the before/after will dam sure do it.
  2. Now you know I'm sure you all are going to quit. Reminds me of in grade school they told us horror stories about rec drugs....didn't do a bit of good lol.
  3. I'm not saying what you eat doesn't impact your PH but it's not how your body maintains PH, or else we would be dead. Anyway there are a thousand reasons to eat a diet that is also "PH balanced" but that is mostly because it has stuff you need. had some interesting post on bicorbonate & muscle PH & with creatine mono.
  4. Not if your 75. I bet she would be a crazy fuck......but I dont think I could stand being around her for long though.
  5. Your kidneys and lungs balance out your blood pH. That said non acidic foods are good for you but that doesn't have anything to do with blood pH. Actually the more protein you tak in your body is able to retain more calcium. You can Google pH balance and kidneys and you can find Pages info on this.
  6. If you were really serious you would quit your job & work at McDonalds so you could train more.
  7. There are some out there that will plan their day to do something that they can post on shit get a life lol. It has it's uses. You can keep in touch with people & I have some bloggers & science stuff I follow but sometimes I wont go on their for a week. I may be unusual. I remember the good ol days when you met a girl & could do good stuff like really talk & fuck but now a lot of them want a texting relationship...bye bye.
  8. Good stuff!
  9. Not far from the truth. I'm kind of fed up with the world revolving around facebook.
  10. .....but on paper your BMI, because of your muscle, says your sick & going to die soon. Your insurance co say it's going to raise your rates. lol BTW I seen an ad for health ins that is for body builders & such.
  11. If it smells bad quit smelling it. What would you do without me?
  12. really sad. standard of practice is to look to the PDR for treatment by most.
  13. Been getting protein from them for years.They are a good company.
  14. There are some passages in the Bible that says a woman won't deny a man sex and a man should love his woman.... But not the other way around LOL