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  1. Lots of stuff here with cables. Good addition to a main course. A nautilus machine will be nice if I can fit it in my home gym LOL
  2. So who here would do Susan Sarandon?
  3. Midnight has been posting about 5% nutrition's real food & it seems like a real good product. The biggest component is probably sweet potatoes so I figured I'd look around & see if I could get powdered cheaper. I found a great site that has lots powdered fruits or vegetables. I got 40 lbs for $158 & free shipping. I could of added some fruits & vegetables too but I usually carry some when I'm on the go & when at home it will mostly be PWO nutrition. 5%'s real food is about $50 for 4 lbs with shipping if you buy at the right place. I got 40 lbs sweet potato & at that rate my price would be $500 but I paid $158. Now there are other things in it & they may be more expensive than the sweet potato & you would have to buy in a larger quantity to get a better deal like I got but you get the idea. They got air dried (like I got) & freeze dried so they could be less damaged by heat. You can use vegetables like broccoli or what ever you want.
  4. Happy birthday brother!
  5. Welcome aboard!
  6. vaguely remember steroid use lower it. I may be wrong.
  7. I know choline is good for taking fat out of the liver that's one of the many reasons egg yolks are good for you. NAC, milk thistle, taurine, trimethelglycine, Liv 52, dihydrogen monoxide...All assist. Best to eat right first.
  8. Alin said he is going to try to get everyone taken care of so let's give him a chance to these issues taken care of.
  9. I know it's real food but micellar casein is easier.
  10. this will fix your appetite.
  11. it's just like intermittent fasting or the Warrior Diet. like any like any workout all diets are just a tool in the toolbox not end all be all's. They need to be cycled IMO.
  12. Off hand I remember any. One that african hunters used comes to mind but I can't remember the name. Maybe google african hunter appetite suppressant. A diet like that will put extra stress in the adrenals so get lots of sleep & keep the stress at a minimum.
  13. I kind of like running anavar. Yes nothing dramatic but with me slow steady gains. I up the dose on workout days and add some anadrol. Good for strength.
  14. They wouldnt put to much in it. Vit A is usually ok with vit D & beta carotine is sometimes hard to convert to A by some. A good thing about is you know quality is good. A good place to research too.
  15. Look at real folate, fish oil, b vits...A lot more. it's hard to get proper nutrition from a vegetarian diet but you can if you know how.