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  1. really sad. standard of practice is to look to the PDR for treatment by most.
  2. Been getting protein from them for years.They are a good company.
  3. There are some passages in the Bible that says a woman won't deny a man sex and a man should love his woman.... But not the other way around LOL
  4. What kind of food ruin sex? Wedding cake!
  5. In some cultures they will fuck it & then eat it. Reminds me of dogs, sex first & then oral sex after
  6. the sweet potatoes mix & taste great. I seen the blueberries & they cost a lot so it's not worth it to me. They don't have the yams either. as for the fruit it's easy to carry that along with you.
  7. A hard leg day will throw your creatinine off & it has nothing to do with your kidneys. In my years I've never heard of T doing anything bad to your kidneys even if they are bad anyway but I may be wrong. Keeping the protein low is good until you know better though. Like the MD said you probably have nothing to worry about. If you don't use AAS maybe doing ironaddict's suggestion would be good but it will take time & the pain that comes with doing without any T. doing this your going to have to accept what ever your body produces & that may be low-normal (your not a spring chicken). Any levels within normal weather high or low arent going to make earth shattering differences. Any big gains have been shown when levels go way above normal (but I would take high normal any day). says 700 is best. I have posted an article about this. The problem with this route is doing any cycles is going to hurt your production. Like I said you dont really know what your going to end up with. I think for someone that doesn't cycle good normal T levels are a jewel. IMO someone that uses regularly may as wall forget it & go on TRT when not cycling but a few do well with PCT also.
  8. Did you stop the T because of the hemocrit? Sounds like an MDs recommendation lol.
  9. Lots of stuff here with cables. Good addition to a main course. A nautilus machine will be nice if I can fit it in my home gym LOL
  10. So who here would do Susan Sarandon?
  11. Midnight has been posting about 5% nutrition's real food & it seems like a real good product. The biggest component is probably sweet potatoes so I figured I'd look around & see if I could get powdered cheaper. I found a great site that has lots powdered fruits or vegetables. I got 40 lbs for $158 & free shipping. I could of added some fruits & vegetables too but I usually carry some when I'm on the go & when at home it will mostly be PWO nutrition. 5%'s real food is about $50 for 4 lbs with shipping if you buy at the right place. I got 40 lbs sweet potato & at that rate my price would be $500 but I paid $158. Now there are other things in it & they may be more expensive than the sweet potato & you would have to buy in a larger quantity to get a better deal like I got but you get the idea. They got air dried (like I got) & freeze dried so they could be less damaged by heat. You can use vegetables like broccoli or what ever you want.
  12. Happy birthday brother!
  13. Welcome aboard!
  14. vaguely remember steroid use lower it. I may be wrong.
  15. I know choline is good for taking fat out of the liver that's one of the many reasons egg yolks are good for you. NAC, milk thistle, taurine, trimethelglycine, Liv 52, dihydrogen monoxide...All assist. Best to eat right first.