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  1. Great prices! Thanks for the heads up on the sale John! I ordered a box of 500
  2. Hahaha, Thanks for the replys!!!
  3. Super Siggs 1 Lettuce Leaf Per Day Diet Where can I get this diet plan and how much?!? Haha I agree with you Siggs! It doesn't make too much sense to me either!
  4. Ok, I'll see what I can find! He really likes the diet and results! It's not for me, but he's responded well, and he's getting great gains! I told him about you guys and how much knowledge, a guy can gain by picking your brains on this site!
  5. My cousin has been doing Anabolic Fasting, inspired by Cory Gregory, co-founder of Muscle Pharm, and founder of Max Effort supplements. He loves the diet and workouts but he struggles with his 16 hour fasting! Do you guys have any recommendations on an appetite suppressant other than the run of the mill stimulants?!? Thanks again guys! This is my go to place for advice and knowledge!
  6. Thanks for the reply!!! I think I'm gonna go with that muliti vitamin for her!
  7. That looks like a good site!!! Affordable prices and good potencies! What's your take on Vitamin A for women? I know that too much has been linked to birth defects...That Multi Vitamin has 5000iu's. How much is too much?!?
  8. I've been looking into a multi vitamin for my GF because she's a vegetarian and I don't think she's getting nearly enough from food alone, Iron especially! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  9. What's his website called?!? I'll have to check it out!!!
  10. I started running GW from Bull about 2 months ago, only on the days I workout (4 days a week), and I take it 30 minutes before I workout, at 20mg...I'm not running any other gear and my diet kinda sucks, but the fat is melting off and I'm putting in great workouts! I'm a believer in this stuff and can't wait to stack it with gear!!! Only notable side effect is, that I'm starving after my workouts, almost like an hgh symptom that I hear guys talk about!