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  1. Exactly. Plus we are all different in our abilities to recover, how much sleep and nutrients we get. Your body is going to tell you sooner or later when too much is TOO MUCH.
  2. Shush..... That's the after-hours portion of the gym membership. Just don't let my wife know.
  3. I've benefited from this "It's the first of the year let's start working out" phenomenon. I've had guys at work as if I'd sell any of my equipment, I tell them everything is for sale if the price is right. So I've been able to sell off some older stuff and upgrade a few years in a row. Needless to say 6 months later they aren't using the stuff they bought from me.
  4. I actually have two little princess, one is 2 1/2 yrs old and the one pictured is 8 1/2 months old. Both no fear, my 2 1/2 yr old is bigger than most 4yr olds. Trouble is she is way strong and picks her sister up and drags her around like a doll. They both enjoy going down and working out with Dad.
  5. It's never too early to introduce them to the Iron.
  6. ...... Already seeing an increase of stuff for sale on Craigslist.
  7. My condolences my friend. We all are here to support one another and build each other up.
  8. You are saying no one has picked up the money and the order hasn't been sent? Dude, what's there to worry about? Go get your money back and order elsewhere. Not to bad mouth Alin but he is not a recommended supplier here on Iron currently. The only thing you are out is time. Again, not making light of your situation because it sucks.....But the good news is it can be fixed.
  9. I'm telling you, the bounce house circuit training is going to have them packed in year round!
  10. Happy New Year Iron! Here's to everyone being just a little healthier, just a little wealthier, and a little further down the path to happiness..
  11. That isn't a WU problem, this thread is concerning WU not allowing you to send or receive. Your problem, if there is one, is with Alin. However, if nothing is wrong on there end I have noticed they don't answer emails to reassure you or give you piece of mind. If you get a seizure letter then they reply with instructions. You really haven't waited very long sorry to say. We have all been in your position, concerned, anxious, but all you can do at this point is wait. I like Alin, but have gone through the same thing, had concerns or being impatient and sent emails just to get no reply.....Then the product shows up and I feel silly. I'm not making light of you situation, things just don't happen in our timelines. Perhaps PM a mod and see if they can give you some guidance.
  12. I kinda feel like she should have had a warm up fight. For fucks sake they gave Jon Jones a warm up and that was pretty lack luster. I just wonder where she is at mentally..... Anderson Silva never has quite been the same. When you're at the top and fall you fall a long ways and land hard. I hope she can come back, win a few, and retire.