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  1. Everyday?
  2. Happy Father's Day!
  3. Mine came from years of starting tricep workouts with heavy skull crushers....killed my arms and tendons. Moved it to later in the workout when I was more warmed up and fatigued so I didn't have to go heavy. Remember, these isolation movements do not necessarily have to be heavy. Focus on mind muscle connection, focus on the muscle and not the movement.
  4. Just from my experience....when I had pain like that in my forearms it was on the backside of the arm like you mentioned right in the middle. But for me where the pain actually stemmed from was the path of the tendons along the bone under the muscle. For me the pain radiated along the bone and made it ache severely. With your elbows on the preacher pressure is placed where these tendons pass through. The increased weight is an issue as you mentioned, lower weight, increase cadence count and or reps. I would switch movements for a while if this doesn't subside. It often helped for me if I massaged between the muscle and bone along with some ice. I might be way off, but tendons are usually the culprits. Good luck bro.
  5. Shower shits.....now that's efficient. I like it!
  6. It all the rage.... everyone is doing it. Ha!
  7. Mine just goes into a poop bag on my side.... doesn't everybody's?
  8. Pulled 545lbs in training....w/straps tho. I am super pumped, I'm actually cutting but decided to hit hamstrings hard. My old best was 515lbs in training no straps. Not bad for being in a calorie deficit.

    1. Duncan2604


      awesome, legs day for me on Wednesday night, will be my first since getting new straps so planning on pushing it, wont be your weight though... yet!

  9. As of 11pm CST I was able to access Bull's site. Promo code WEEKEND15 for 15% off.
  10. When Bull first had issues with credit cards he said something about getting a new website created. Not sure....
  11. No problem. Mine was about an inch incision and you can't even see it anymore. Mine wasn't super painful after but the trauma to the muscle made it super tight for some time. The torn meniscus sucks bro. I destroyed mine racing Motocross in the younger years. Never got it fixed after the diagnosis. Have some trouble with both knees when I stay heavy too long on squats. Well bro I hope you heal up quick so you can get back at it soon. Best of luck.