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  1. Looks like one more reason to eat whole eggs.
  2. A lot of volume, different angles, I like it.
  3. I don't know if I want to follow your link John......Last time I did I found myself looking at sex swings and S&M gear
  4. This is all good info guys, thanks for sharing.
  5. I'll have to check some of those out. Thanks for the link.
  6. I feel you pain Siggs. When I get clothes to fit the chest and shoulders there is enough material for a parachute around the waist. Hey....No one ever said looking good was going to be easy.
  7. So I have a funeral and two weddings to attend. I'm up 20lbs since the end of January so of course nothing I own really fits. Sure I've weighed this much before but this time around it is a lot more muscle and less fat. Went to the higher end store to get some dress clothes and after looking around and trying pants and shirts on nothing fit. Now I'm not the biggest guy in the world but when I try on an extra large shirt and the sleeves are tight on my forearms not to mention upper arms and sure it fits the width of my shoulders (barely) but my lats have the sides busting at the seams. Pants, sure I can get the waist right but I can't get them up past my thighs. WTF. All these clothes are made for little stick fuckers. The guy said they can tailor everything but the price tags were already ridiculous. So the question is, what do you guys do? You ask what do I wear on a daily basis? Well I work for a food/paper good distributor servicing major colleges, senior living centers, K-12, restaurants, etc... I supervise the employees out on the warehouse floor in the refrigerated side so I wear a heavyweight fleece sweatshirt and swishy pants/warm up pants. I am in comfey clothes 7 days a week so this dress clothes bull shit is a rude awakening.
  8. That is some MacGyver shit there. If that was the only way to get AAS in your system I'd be the scrawny most pathetic looking guy ever!
  9. I know everyone has a story, and if you don't yet you will eventually. About a month back I was injecting some Test suspension and Tren A in my medial delt. No big deal, I have good size delts and it was only 1cc total.... Use them all the time rotating sites. Using a 25g 5/8" pin I slide it in everything feels normal. I aspirated and started to inject....Instant Fire! I got 1/2cc in before pulling the needle out and when I pulled it out it felt like I pulled it out of a rubber band. I actually felt a twang. I'm not kidding, it hurt so bad it scared me a bit....And I have experienced some painful shit. A little blood dribbled down and the pain intensified with every second. I sat and paced in the bathroom thinking fuck how do I handle this, then I noticed it swelling up a bit....Fuck! I wiped away the blood and sucked up the pain. I moved my arm around, good no pain. The swelling was localized, another good thing. The pain started to subside and I got an ice pack. Needless to say I injected the rest of the shot somewhere else.Things were turning around. I believe I was a bit too far forward on the medial delt close to the insertion...Lesson learned. Swelling went away in a day, no more noticeable that the usual irritation that suspension can cause. I still use the delt sites but make sure I'm not doing things half-assed.
  10. I have gotten their sweet potatoes several times, mixes well tastes just like sweet potatoes (unsweetened of course). I currently get a carb mix from them that I make which is 20℅ Dextrose 35% Maltodextrin 45℅ Oat powder. I use a French Vanilla flavor. I use it PWO. Tastes great and does what I need it to do. Shipping is a bit slow compared to some. Can usually find coupon codes online. Give them a try.