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  1. They were a little pricey......it is all becoming clear now. I thought it was weird all my orders from him were shipped from Colombia now that I think about it......and the directions for use did have both mixing with water and or baking soda.
  2. And here my art teacher swore yellow+blue=green.
  3. I think Siggs is looking to bring out the 'ol 6-pac.....not bring the Hulk out
  4. I usually titrate up with the dosage but not down. I've seen info saying to titrate down and other info saying don't no rebound occurs. What's your take John?
  5. Do you run any T3 with your Tren A? I have had good results in the past with a modest dose. You know I'd like Wedge to chime in too here. I've enjoyed his perspective on things and he always seems open to bounce ideas around. Nuf said...
  6. I can't either...... don't tell my wife I'm buying it.
  7. Siggs, do you run any Tren A with a cut?
  8. Yeah but I'm 5'11 with pretty broad shoulders.....if I get down under 200lbs I look like a figure model (not that that is bad, just not the look I'm going for). My goal would be 230/240lbs at or under 10%.
  9. I'm right there with ya Siggs. I wanted to be ripped at 220lbs at the lightest and as I dipped below I put on the breaks. I hate to say it but it was going so good I hadn't done much cardio for fear I'd lose too much too fast. This morning I woke up at 218lbs and I've actually increased calories. My thoughts are the same as yours, feeling I needed to add more size next time in hopes of retaining more with the next cut. So I too am really interested in what advise some of the brothers may have for you. ( I think the HGH and T4 have greatly assisted in my results but also my diet was the best it has ever been to with calorie tracking.) For now my plan is to try to get to 250lbs with my next bulk, more muscle monitor fat gain closely and put myself in a good position for the next run.
  10. So a bit leaner and the vacuum is coming along better. Sorry, the cell phone pics don't do it justice tho.