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  1. Humbling moment for sure. Still trying to find the balance between work, home and gym time. But I'll have it figured out soon I hope
  2. Better add to the new chapter,.... Moving into a new house this week. Just got tired of all the freaking maintenance on the one we're in now, it was built in '70, new one is 4 years old in Oct with the builder warranty still in effect, been working a bunch and working on the house getting ready for the sale the last couple of months so that's why I really haven't been really active on here, but all will be back to normal friday
  3. I'm a leg and hip guy, never tried the upper body
  4. Getting older definitely sucks
  5. Man I remember the old SE days, alot of the old dogs have become great friends
  6. wow is that a simple program, It would work depending on the intensity you put into it..... personally I would use this program to break up what ever you normally do, like a change up you do for like 8 weeks 3-4 time a year. that is if you're more focus on being a bodybuilder. I'm a huge fan of the compound movements ( power lifter) and it helps in the gains department no matter what path you're on in the iron game. I'm with LD on the rest thing, on day completely off is more than enough to rest up, at most I would hit it every other day, kind of what I do but that is because of my job, but when I had semi normal hrs I would 2-4 day training and 1 day rest, your body has a great ability to adapt to your training cycle
  7. well finally made the conscious decision to get back to training for real..... kinda back to where I was when i 1st came here...also realize i have to go back to training right after work. I really cant do that shit 1st thing after waking up. work has been crazy, and sleep is at a premium, especially when you are on call. this week I've had a couple of pretty good training seasons. This morning I did some squats and actually worked up to 510lbs for an ugly single.
  8. Rough start so far for me , but getting back into it, work has been a,little crazy Best wishes for the new year to,all of you
  9. I wanna come over for a training
  10. Good plan brudda
  11. Now that is a good one, very true!
  12. Now that is funny
  13. Yes powerlifters use AAS &other stuff. Most federations in the US only test the amateur divisions,
  14. FitNotes Workout - Wednesday 16th November 2016 ** Deadlift ** - 135.0 lbs x 10 reps - 135.0 lbs x 10 reps - 225.0 lbs x 5 reps - 225.0 lbs x 5 reps - 295.0 lbs x 5 reps - 350.0 lbs x 3 reps - 400.0 lbs x 3 reps - 440.0 lbs x 2 reps ** Deadlift With Chains ** - 330.3 lbs x 3 reps The dead with chains, was with all the chains at the gym (1)60, (1)45, (1)25 on each side.... felt pretty good Got called into work so I didn't get anything else done, but I did get to focus on my deads
  15. this isn't the exact video I tried to put up but, this one does hit the point across I wanted to make, and it is by the same guy Rich P. And I know there are a few guys that follow him