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  1. It is the holidays bro. Keep trying.
  2. I thought that was just across her mouth
  3. Bill Cosbie specials bro. Rohypnol(flunitrazepam) or some other like ecstasy or ketamine.
  4. What I found and still find interesting is Doug Schoen, a tried and true liberal, who is hopeful for the Trump presidency and is pissed off at where the democratic party has gone.
  5. Get the tests if you can bro. As I have gotten older, I wish I had been smart enough when 25 to have every test imaginable run just for a benchmark as I grow older. Would know what to fix. Of course, you could roofie her ass too. Maybe a bit much, perhaps some anavar would be better.
  6. Kangaroos are some creepy f'n things!!
  7. Caverject is some serious shit! Not for the faint of heart as you are injecting directly into your junk.
  8. I am also on the same page as you Wedge and the others. My diet is not super strict but I stay with organic veggies, grass fed organic meats, and almost no simple carbs or processed foods ever. Getting to the point of making my own jerky and pemmican. If I could get away with it, I would eat just nuts, jerky/pemmican, and fresh veggies. The rest just FUBARs my guts into a giant knot of explosive rectal distress that scares small animals and children.
  9. Damn! Sorry I missed it. The account associated with the video was terminated.
  10. After a week of it all settling in, I have to say I am more optimistic than I have been about the future for the U.S. in a long time. The days of kissing the ass of the rest of the planet and apologizing for being the U.S. are over.
  11. It is the election of the voting for the other as I don't want this POS in office.
  12. I would have considered voting for him but he is a bigger retard than Trump!
  13. I cannot vote for Hillary. She is the biggest sack of shit on the face of the planet. Any human being who would hangout a sitting U.S. Ambassador and leave him and several others to die is not worth the oxygen they consume. This is just one of her exploits. There are far too many others but this is the one that turns my guts and raises my ire. Let Trump have a go at it. Cannot be any worse that the current chunk of shit in office now.
  14. I am just going to assume that the pressure cooking method is far safer as it is only three hours.
  15. Be safe bro. Hoping you are not in the direct path but on the outside edge of the bands.