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  1. FFS! Until Valhala Woody!!
  2. Brotha B! Not sure how I missed this but good to see ya!
  3. I definitely hear you brudas. I took quite a bit of time off and I am back at it. Counting on muscle memory and rebound. It is a humbling moment when your muscles shake in fatigue at a weight well below what your brain says is good.
  4. I think a bunch of us have been on holiday. I have been lurking a lot here of late. Congrats on the new house bro.
  5. I do but I also stick my tris and traps on occasion. Those who stick their legs can keep that shit!
  6. It has been a while since I have contributed much. Time to change this up a bit. Most of us here are becoming pros if not already pros at conducting scientific research on our bodies in an effort to maximize our potential to be healthy, happy, (for some) monsters. How many of you have noticed the condition and smell of your pillow? Seem like a random and weird question? If you are like me, you couldn't careless. I just thought it was what it was and I leaked pancake syrup or some shit while I was sleeping. My girl, on the other hand is not as forgiving about funk. So after a bit of research, I found it was my body pH. I, like many of you, am pretty acidic. So much so my sweat can eat the color out of shirts and turn my pillow into a weapon of mass destruction. Even more to the point, I recently trashed a foam mattress topper which had my crime scene outline chemically burned into it because of my sweat. I remember laughing about it with my girl. Now that I think about it, it is a bit distressing. Now a while back, Joker shared a good article on the Alkaline Diet and why it is shit. Anyone with a brain knows eliminating everything acidic out of your diet and lifting for size is just not gonna happen. I mean really? Do you know any straight vegan monster bodybuilders? I'll wait... There is no way I am giving up meat and other proteins in my diet and I sure as shit am not giving up wine or beer on occasion. So how do I appease my girl? They make supplements for everything now a days. Don't by the big dick pills though, those fuckers don't work. LOL! Don't believe me, ask Joe Rogan. I ordered a fairly reputable supplement which had good customer reviews and clinical backing. Low and behold, about 4 days after I started taking it, no acidic destruction of my pillow and no sour sweaty stench. I am not the Doc. Perhaps he and others can chime in with their knowledge and experience in this arena. I just know what I have done works for me.
  7. It is the holidays bro. Keep trying.
  8. I thought that was just across her mouth
  9. Bill Cosbie specials bro. Rohypnol(flunitrazepam) or some other like ecstasy or ketamine.
  10. What I found and still find interesting is Doug Schoen, a tried and true liberal, who is hopeful for the Trump presidency and is pissed off at where the democratic party has gone.
  11. Get the tests if you can bro. As I have gotten older, I wish I had been smart enough when 25 to have every test imaginable run just for a benchmark as I grow older. Would know what to fix. Of course, you could roofie her ass too. Maybe a bit much, perhaps some anavar would be better.
  12. Kangaroos are some creepy f'n things!!
  13. Caverject is some serious shit! Not for the faint of heart as you are injecting directly into your junk.
  14. I am also on the same page as you Wedge and the others. My diet is not super strict but I stay with organic veggies, grass fed organic meats, and almost no simple carbs or processed foods ever. Getting to the point of making my own jerky and pemmican. If I could get away with it, I would eat just nuts, jerky/pemmican, and fresh veggies. The rest just FUBARs my guts into a giant knot of explosive rectal distress that scares small animals and children.