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  1. I still can't find or translate cottage cheese in France/French! The only stuff that I believed to be the equivalent was around 8% protein.
  2. Per muscle group, not counting the warm up sets. Usually 4 exercizes of 4 sets. Yeah but you're a monster! lol I seem to get better results in the 6-10 rep range. I do the 12-6 pyramid quite often.
  3. I can't seem to find the 'Training' forum. So I stuck this here: My training volume is not the same when on cycle as when off cycle. Off cycle I'm at 12 sets to failure on large bodyparts with perhaps one drop set. 8-9 sets for small bodyparts. This is usually a 3 day/week program. On cycle I go 16 sets to failure on large bodyparts with a drop set at the end of nearly every excersize (3-4 drops). I do 12 sets on smaller bodyparts all 2/3 drops. This is usually a 4-5 day/week program. Now that I've been off for a few weeks after my 6week cycle (Prop/NPP/Dbol), I have cut back to my lesser volume training. I feel a lot better. I feel less fatigued and my appetite has come back. A brother on here mentioned that 16 sets is too much, even on cycle. I'm wondering if he's right. Opinions?
  4. As far as I've seen, his system will do you more harm than good. As you can see, he's making money from it. It's just another diet that someone decided to put their name on. Hey, I might just invent the Super Siggs 1 Lettuce Leaf Per Day Diet with special easy payment plan. There are a lot easier ways to get the same results.
  5. I tried something similar to this years ago. But I was too strict on the 10x10. I did it for ALL bodyparts. The result was fucking traps under my ears and huge thighs. I was deformed. I guess each bodypart doesn't react the same. The progress I made globally was OK. But my traps have a tendancy to grow quickly and I get that slopey look. Especially because my delts are difficult to develop and I don't have wide clavicules. This is a great program to set up the body before 'specializing'. In my case, I'd have to adapt. It's great not having to change the weight. LOL
  6. LMFAO!! She'd probably be happy with that, seeing as I refuse to touch her now!
  7. You're right. But I don't want to fuck a woman because she lets me. It's not very motivating to know that she doesn't give a shit, and the quicker I'm done the better it is for her! As for the moving on thing. Most people say the same as you. But there's a long story behind this. Perhaps I'll start another thread. But for now I'll say: I grew up in the inner city hoods in the 80's. I saw and did what most young males would. It was my destiny to be like everyone else (dealer/prison/violence..) However, I got out, got a degree and live in another country with a school teacher wife who's the mother of my children. My oldest is a fucking genious at school, he's 11. HE'S NOT LIKE ME! This is all I want! If I divorce my wife, it could unstablize him and he could end up fucking his life up. This is why I have not divorced.
  8. Damn shame. I like Rousy but she got owned big time!
  9. Wife has clearly told me that she's NOT INTERESTED any more! I told her that's it's not normal. She didn't appreciate it and said there's surely other women like her. I said yes, but they're not normal. I work with many women and I know for sure that they can be just as horny as men. Years ago I asked my wife to get bloodwork to check out her sex hormones. But the doc just suggested seeing a sexologist. So now, we're in a zero sex for life situation! She said "well go and get it elsewhere", but followed with "but I'll always find out".... "but if you do, I don't want to know".... and then said... "if you love me you won't"! WTF! IS THIS DELIRIUM? I thought I was getting the green light... but then she pulled the plug! Dammit! So seeing as I'm not into fucking a lifeless flexidoll who is just doing it to keep me satisfied, I told her to not ever touch me again! I don't want blue balls. The problem is... I got 3 women just waiting for me right now. And I'm hesitant.
  10. Nah. I'm not humping a sleeping body. I saw a porno where a guy was analing a sleeping woman and she really was asleep, snoring and all. That must have been drugs. That wouldn't work on my wife without drugs.
  11. What's rooffie?
  12. So the next time she denies me, I'll just hit her with a bible! Perhaps that'll make her feel all horny!
  13. She's warned me that I'm out if I go elsewhere. But she still doesn't give it up. She once said she could pass the rest of her life without sex. She has very low libido. But when I asked for a blowjob, she said SHE wasn't interested. I told her that if it was the other way round, I'd munch her pie all night to get her off. I also asked to have a mistress, and she could choose. You can guess the response.
  14. Mine's Redtube. Did I mention that I suffer from blue balls! Hurts like hell.