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  1. I may be overly suspicious, but coke on the table with rolled up bill and credit card seems too perfect. Too cliché. Might as well have had the stuff all over his upper lip!
  2. Never taken T3.
  3. Normally I run Tren on a cutter. But I had some free Winny so I did that this year just to see. I'll be using Tren next year. I can't afford GH.
  4. Dammit! Your cut weight is my bulk weight!
  5. Each summer I diet down to 90kgs in the hope of having more abs than the previous year. I've just seen some beach pics of me and I'm not happy! In the winter I go up to 96kg with a gut but at 90 I'm flat with 'nearly visible' abs. So... I know that if I go lighter I'll look lean. But like many of us, I have bigorexia! I hate going below 200lbs (92kg). Solution?... Perhaps I should go harder on my bulking period with a heavier cycle. Or better master my cutter in the summer. Although I believe I have it in order. In both cases, I'm lacking the muscle mass. I'm not sure at 45 y/o if it would be possible to build a significant amount of muscle. I need opinions...
  6. Well this expains my feeling hypoglycemic right from the beginning of my workouts. I'm finishing my dieting for summer. So I'm usually quite low on carbs. My self-made workout drink has BCAA's, sugar and I add extra leucine. Dammit!
  7. Hey Woody! Where're you at? It's been weeks! 

  8. Get your ass back here Killa!! It's been over 6 weeks! Hope you're ok bro. 

  9. Gonna give shoulders a try soon.
  10. My guide is the color of my piss! Clear=drink normally. Yellow=drink more than usual without forcing. Orange=the water bottle never leaves my hand and I constantly drink. BROWN(sometimes in the morning)=everything stops, no eating just water until bloated and keep topping up until piss becomes lighter.
  11. Running is overrated. There's plenty other ways to do cardio that are much less traumatizing for lower back, hip joints, knees, ankles and feet. And if she already has knee trouble, she needs to stop running NOW until it's fixed.
  12. Don't tell my wife! She'll be cramming those cornflakes down my throat!
  13. I can cope with leg jabs. But too scared to try any upper body parts.
  14. Mostly steak or ground beef.
  15. I've never reduced my red meat consumption in my life. It has too much benefits to be left out of a healthy diet.