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  1. I do!!!! LOL
  2. Yep I know this site. But I tried to find a European equivalent with no luck. Indeed their stuff is a little pricey.
  3. This is the story of my life! I buy pants with the waist WAY TOO LARGE just to get my thighs in. Then I hide the crumpled up waistline with the T-shirt or il your case, the jacket. The shirt us difficult because of the différent cuts. According to what I found, I have XXL arms, L shoulders, and XL chest! For the jacket, unless you pay extra to have it tapered in at the waist, wear your tent with pride!
  4. Good stuff. Stay with us.
  5. It's a cut version for Youtube. Non-porn. Damn shame.
  6. 4 minutes of horniness! I got pre-cum watching this:
  7. I feel for you bro. I got just 5 weeks left!
  8. Obviously me! But I'd do a gunshot wound in dead wild hog!
  9. If I did 4x4 on all BP's, I'd be deformed! I'm just working the weight back up on my legs since my injury in september. My legs are growing hell. I just do 4 working sets of front squats and eventually 4 stiff deads for hams (when I feel confidents enough for my injury). That's it. Proportionally that's all I need. I tried 10 sets of10 reps on all BP's for a few months... I had traps under my ears, which is no good for someone with narrow shoulders.
  10. Indeed. I think age is telling me that I need to drop off a few sets.
  11. As the cheap ass that I am, I make: ~700ml of whole milk 40g of protein (casein80/whey20) 1 or 2 heaped soup spoons of whole oat powder. 2-3 soup spoons of colza oil.
  12. Bon anniversaire Sir!
  13. I understand. I was a fitness instructor. This meant me also giving aerobics classes. I damn hated those step classes. Gotta earn your bread! Anyway, I totally agree with the meeting plenty of spandex wearing babes! I've had many of them. And eventually maried one.
  14. You seem motivated! Have you just started a new mega-cycle? I see you put in the Rich Piana feeders.
  15. This is what I mean. That's not dense enough for me. For me it is a protein food therefore I don't want to be eating 90% of 'other stuff'. I'd have to mix casein into it. My stomach space is precious. I don't even drink water a half hour before and during meals in order to get in nutrients. I eat dense, whether it's for proteins or carbs. When I'm dieting I simply eat less carbs. I don't need to 'replace' the carbs with more lettuce in order to fill up the stomach space.