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  1. I feel for you bro. I got just 5 weeks left!
  2. Obviously me! But I'd do a gunshot wound in dead wild hog!
  3. If I did 4x4 on all BP's, I'd be deformed! I'm just working the weight back up on my legs since my injury in september. My legs are growing hell. I just do 4 working sets of front squats and eventually 4 stiff deads for hams (when I feel confidents enough for my injury). That's it. Proportionally that's all I need. I tried 10 sets of10 reps on all BP's for a few months... I had traps under my ears, which is no good for someone with narrow shoulders.
  4. Indeed. I think age is telling me that I need to drop off a few sets.
  5. As the cheap ass that I am, I make: ~700ml of whole milk 40g of protein (casein80/whey20) 1 or 2 heaped soup spoons of whole oat powder. 2-3 soup spoons of colza oil.
  6. Bon anniversaire Sir!
  7. I understand. I was a fitness instructor. This meant me also giving aerobics classes. I damn hated those step classes. Gotta earn your bread! Anyway, I totally agree with the meeting plenty of spandex wearing babes! I've had many of them. And eventually maried one.
  8. You seem motivated! Have you just started a new mega-cycle? I see you put in the Rich Piana feeders.
  9. This is what I mean. That's not dense enough for me. For me it is a protein food therefore I don't want to be eating 90% of 'other stuff'. I'd have to mix casein into it. My stomach space is precious. I don't even drink water a half hour before and during meals in order to get in nutrients. I eat dense, whether it's for proteins or carbs. When I'm dieting I simply eat less carbs. I don't need to 'replace' the carbs with more lettuce in order to fill up the stomach space.
  10. I found the nearest thing. It's called 'fromage blanc' which means 'white cheese', but it's actually like yoghurt without the fermentation. However, 8% protein doesn't interest me. I'd rather by casein powder (which is what I do). How much protein is in your cottage cheese?
  11. I still can't find or translate cottage cheese in France/French! The only stuff that I believed to be the equivalent was around 8% protein.
  12. Per muscle group, not counting the warm up sets. Usually 4 exercizes of 4 sets. Yeah but you're a monster! lol I seem to get better results in the 6-10 rep range. I do the 12-6 pyramid quite often.
  13. I can't seem to find the 'Training' forum. So I stuck this here: My training volume is not the same when on cycle as when off cycle. Off cycle I'm at 12 sets to failure on large bodyparts with perhaps one drop set. 8-9 sets for small bodyparts. This is usually a 3 day/week program. On cycle I go 16 sets to failure on large bodyparts with a drop set at the end of nearly every excersize (3-4 drops). I do 12 sets on smaller bodyparts all 2/3 drops. This is usually a 4-5 day/week program. Now that I've been off for a few weeks after my 6week cycle (Prop/NPP/Dbol), I have cut back to my lesser volume training. I feel a lot better. I feel less fatigued and my appetite has come back. A brother on here mentioned that 16 sets is too much, even on cycle. I'm wondering if he's right. Opinions?
  14. As far as I've seen, his system will do you more harm than good. As you can see, he's making money from it. It's just another diet that someone decided to put their name on. Hey, I might just invent the Super Siggs 1 Lettuce Leaf Per Day Diet with special easy payment plan. There are a lot easier ways to get the same results.
  15. I tried something similar to this years ago. But I was too strict on the 10x10. I did it for ALL bodyparts. The result was fucking traps under my ears and huge thighs. I was deformed. I guess each bodypart doesn't react the same. The progress I made globally was OK. But my traps have a tendancy to grow quickly and I get that slopey look. Especially because my delts are difficult to develop and I don't have wide clavicules. This is a great program to set up the body before 'specializing'. In my case, I'd have to adapt. It's great not having to change the weight. LOL