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  1. Yep, looks legit to me! Everyone in my gym trains in pro-tan. And our members wouldn't expect anything less from us mods!
  2. 'Nice' chart? I think I'm gonna cry!
  3. May I say: I am proud to be part of iron média when I see theads like this. Excellent info.
  4. Woof Woof! 10 years for me! I came here at 34 y/o and around 165lbs. Now I'm 44 at 220lbs! Thank you very much.
  5. Yeah, Cybergenics... the revolutionary systèm that seemed too good to be true. I did'nt fall into the trap... or should I say, I couldn't pay that much! At that time I was buying Weider Crash Weight Gain with most of my pay!
  6. My wife is always on Facefuck! Conversation? No way! She diabetic and claims to be tired in the evening. But never too tired to be tapping on her cell. She even watches TV and she and her sisters discuss the episode during. I don't have Facefuck, nor do I have Twatter!
  7. Needs to better master the art of persuasion! I'd have gotten the steroids, her car keys and her daughter no problem!
  8. He locked out the knee. NEVER DO THAT WHEN PRESSING HEAVY! EVER!
  9. I do!!!! LOL
  10. Yep I know this site. But I tried to find a European equivalent with no luck. Indeed their stuff is a little pricey.
  11. This is the story of my life! I buy pants with the waist WAY TOO LARGE just to get my thighs in. Then I hide the crumpled up waistline with the T-shirt or il your case, the jacket. The shirt us difficult because of the différent cuts. According to what I found, I have XXL arms, L shoulders, and XL chest! For the jacket, unless you pay extra to have it tapered in at the waist, wear your tent with pride!
  12. Good stuff. Stay with us.
  13. It's a cut version for Youtube. Non-porn. Damn shame.
  14. 4 minutes of horniness! I got pre-cum watching this:
  15. I feel for you bro. I got just 5 weeks left!