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  1. I am taken aback by this unexpected and deeply saddening reality! And there's me thinking... But no, he uses dirty, discusting steroids! This is so upsetting. He'll develop all sorts of horrible illnesses and die very soon! Well I'm gonna go put on my knee socks and go back to my crossfit classes. Might eat a lettuce leaf or two as pre-workout!
  2. What? No wiping?LOL
  3. You don't score points in Krav maga! No tip-tap touch fighting in Krav maga! No grabbing only with hitting being forbidden. No cushion soft tatami or referee. Just real assed fucking people up. It depends what you want from a martial art.
  4. Good To see you back bro.
  5. Now call me 'old school'! But this effeminization really saddens me. Spandax wearing guys that wear colorful clothes on mediocre physiques! Why is it that some people think that a gym is the place where you dress up as a kings jester. Ok, some of us shave our chest hair and even other body hair. But that doesn't mean we try to look like some deranged shemale, ladyboy trying to make a buck! My gym clothes are for sweating in. So I'll be damned if I pay 300$ and look like a fucking wasp at the same time. Remember when men were real men? Ah well I suppose I'm so out of style now.
  6. This tells it like it is:
  7. I read an article about a guy qui found a dead mouse in his sachet of protein by My Protein.
  8. Yep, he sure looks natural to me!
  9. My opinion is that you cannot completly work the lats without straps. Obviously you can work them to a certain fatigue. But as we get stronger, the grip gives out before the lats have been totally anailated.
  10. How long did you compete for Siggs?

    1. Siggs


      I did one season in bodybuilding. I finished 9th place in the French finals in 2012. It was natty and I was completly clean. Then I did a bench compétition in 2014 finishing vice-champ in my région of France (Aquitaine).Not high level stuff, but my kids were proud. 

    2. Missile


      Bro....that's awesome! You had the courage to go after it and had the experience of a lifetime.  Be proud my man, I think that's pretty kick ass. Thanks for sharing Siggs.

    3. Siggs


      Thanks bro. 

  11. He definatly has daddy's arms.
  12. When I was competing, I travelled with Pierre Laubert world champ(natural) he was a tiny guy in the -65kg (-144lbs) catergory. Don't laugh! There's a serious size difference between nattys and 'us'. Anyway, we were lying on the floor with our legs up on chairs eating pre-show food, when suddenly Pierre takes out a huge bag of chips! He went on to tell me that he never gets cramps on stage due to the salty chips and he eats as much as possible in order for the food to PUSH HIS ABS OUT! What can I say? He was several times world champ and has even been interviewed in a US magazine!
  13. Excellent read!
  14. Thanks John. I always do the karate stance when doing standing upper body excercizes. Especially overhead work. I don't think I have too much mass on the abs. I was thinking of overly relaxed 'transverse'(French). The muscle that goes from the spine right round the gut under the abs. The muscle that those yoga guys like to work a lot. I'm not trying to be Frank Zane but I'll try to do these 'tricks' with the hope of at least being flat.
  15. When I start dieting down for the summer I also add vacuum pull ins to my program. Now I'm honestly pissed off with my gut! I have never done GH and I believe I'm around 15%BF perhaps more. I don't have that much fat around the waist though. I think I have a distended gut. Just like the GH guys. I eat every 3 hours. I'm wondering if it's the accumulation of several meals constantly in my intestines. I seem to be flatter in the morning. So perhaps some of you guys do vacuums. Perhaps Missile could chip in with his 2cents.