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  1. No chance of that. I don't have what takes.
  2. Guess who's got too much blood iron. I got 58% instead of the norm max of 40%. Dammit.
  3. I work with kids. Sometimes I get: "my dad's has more muscles/is stronger than you". My usual reply is: 'Of course he is. Because he's your DAD'!
  4. Muscle-Depot! Made me a happy man! I doubt it. Too unveiling.
  5. My supplier sent me my TRT without waiting payment! Lifesaver!! What a guy! I still haven't paid yet and it's been weeks. My number one supplier. Now help me pay him, dammit!!
  6. My TRT stock is running low and I can't send money out! WU has fucked up my identity page and MG refused to send without any explaination! Is it possible to create a WU account on the net under another/false name? They don't ask for ID if it's under a certain amount.
  7. Any of you other Europeans had any problems sending WU or MG to Ukaine?
  8. How would you plan that?
  9. Indeed! Great delts. Well done Sir.
  10. Yeah, about time too! Don't do that to us again!
  11. I called Woody's office.  He died of a heart attack in January. 

    1. Siggs


      Thanks for checking bro. It's always the good ones that go toi soon. 

  12. Thanks John. I'll be throwing mine out tonight.
  13. I do believe it was Mcgregor that called him out at his game. Floyd would not have been so stupid to go to MMA.
  14. I am so happy that he shut that guy up! I was hoping to see him flat on his back, but the ref stopped it too soon. Mcgregor came in hard at the beggining but burned out when Mayweather's defense was too tight. He simply outboxed him at boxing. Paddy wanted to play Mayweathers game. However, he wasn't that bad. I just hope he'll STFU now!
  15. Who will the thousands of followers turn to? There is no-one like him!