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  1. Hah! You could do it if you put your mind to it. I was 5’8” and 211 pounds when I started training for them.
  2. I was hoping that you jumped on the triathlon kick with me!
  3. But it’s called a wiener dog. The kid might be confused by the title.
  4. Anytime my friend.
  5. Welcome back. Be committed to those goals and have the discipline to make the work you put in a habit. Habits yield the most results... good and bad.
  6. Thanks for putting the vids up. The last on with Ric is quite telling of the type of person Piana was.
  7. Just can't shake it. Missing you my friend. 

  8. Them delts tho
  9. Man, this hits home for me. Woody was a good friend of mine. Even stayed at his place while traveling through Philly. His youngest son was to get married this summer and Woody wanted me to be there to celebrate. The invite never came, yet I was too busy to follow up with him. We both have properties in FL and were trying to get together this coming February. To my good friend, you will be missed.
  10. Is the name in the credits something like Atilla? I know that was his moniker on other sites.
  11. I've hooked up with a former SF Marine who's continued to keep in shape by enlisting non-traditional workouts into his routine. The latest challenge we did was a 20,000 pound circuit. The goal is to move 20K pounds as fast as you can through four different lifts and a 200m run. You can only do one rep per lift and you're on a 5 minute timer. Every 5 minutes, you stop and run 200m and immediately go back to the circuit. Looked like this for us: Flat Bench - 225 Shoulder to Overhead Press - 185 Back Squat - 275 Dead Lift - 315 Collective weight per round was 1,000 pounds and we were able to whip out 5 rounds before the alarm hit for the first time. Subsequent rounds were anywhere from 3 to 4 before the run. Good stuff if you ever need a change up / challenge. TEX
  12. My wife did this last year (with guidance from Dr. John) as she was having adverse reactions to certain medications. Low energy, depression, anxiety and everything else that goes along with that are what we dealt with for the past few years. What 23 did for her was gave her the blueprints on how to address her struggles wholisticly through diet and supplements.
  13. I found that doing incline DB flies with your hands supinated has worked well. Instead of your typical flies where you bring your palms together, keep your hands aligned to bring your thumbs together. I feel a tighter squeeze at the top of the rep every time.
  14. You haven't tried shoulders? Easiest spot to jab on the body IMO.
  15. The clown scares me. I still can't get "burning money" any time that I go to a fireworks stand. A couple of years ago I dropped $200, a few other family members dropped about the same, and one uncle dropped $500. Collectively we had maybe $1500 of fireworks that we shot off in a matter of 10 minutes, and none of it looked like the stuff that the city was shooting that night. That was my reality, and the last time that I bought fireworks.