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  1. My wife did this last year (with guidance from Dr. John) as she was having adverse reactions to certain medications. Low energy, depression, anxiety and everything else that goes along with that are what we dealt with for the past few years. What 23 did for her was gave her the blueprints on how to address her struggles wholisticly through diet and supplements.
  2. I found that doing incline DB flies with your hands supinated has worked well. Instead of your typical flies where you bring your palms together, keep your hands aligned to bring your thumbs together. I feel a tighter squeeze at the top of the rep every time.
  3. You haven't tried shoulders? Easiest spot to jab on the body IMO.
  4. The clown scares me. I still can't get "burning money" any time that I go to a fireworks stand. A couple of years ago I dropped $200, a few other family members dropped about the same, and one uncle dropped $500. Collectively we had maybe $1500 of fireworks that we shot off in a matter of 10 minutes, and none of it looked like the stuff that the city was shooting that night. That was my reality, and the last time that I bought fireworks.
  5. Good to see you blini.
  6. Haha! Good point on the BCAA drinks on display. I'm sure they are getting something out of it, but there needs to be some effort put in to maximize it. So YouTube is the heavy culprit in this phenomenon, eh? I'm not on to everything YouTube offers, so maybe that's why I'm a lost sheep. I do have a "friend" who has capitalized on his disability and YouTube, however. I haven't seen his latest stuff, but last I saw he definitely had the beard and man-bun. No beast mode shirt though... actually no shirt at all.
  7. Yep. The beards and arm sleeves became the norm around here about a year ago. Add the leggings under their shorts and man-buns to the mix and that's been the past 12 months of "fashion" evolving around my gym. About a year ago, I thought the beard thing was a veteran calling card as a few of my friends grew out some impressive chin flow. But... not so much. It's everywhere now.
  8. Posting this from the gym as my curiosity is piqued. There are 6 or 7 younger (20's) people working out in small backpacks. These aren't your weighted backpacks, these are your normal smallish nylon packs. Is this a thing now? Is it some kind of code or invitation? signed - too old to know
  9. I like the part when Killerall did the helicopter move to take out everybody. Thought there was a cameo in there with a couple of suppliers too.
  10. Quick temperature check... has everyone been made good on their orders? TEX
  11. Welcome back NavDoc. The reason for the change is due to the previous site provider having an issue with "steroids" being in the title of the web address. There was also an issue with the type of content we discussed here, so the owner made the decision to change the name and the provider.
  12. Jeebus! 6'5"... you could be a monster with that frame! Now get after it!
  13. I have to wear suits on a weekly basis, especially when negotiating contracts or presenting out company. Unfortunately, I'm "that" guy who lifts hard from October through March, gains 15 pounds, then drops it over the summer. Let's just say I have a winter and summer wardrobe. With that said, suit separates are going to be your best option. There are several options at Macy's, Bloomingdales or any other department store. There are a few brands (Bar III, Alfani, Hugo Boss) that use material that gives you a little 'stretch' if you need it. I go with athletic cuts and typically don't need a lot of tailoring. Same call with shirts. Several clothiers are making their dress shirts with theatre stretchy fabric. I actually love the look and feel of a fitted shirt, so this is right down my alley. Again, athletic cuts are the way to go. (And don't shy away from slim cuts either. Depending on brand, slim might mean athletic.) Jeans - Buffalo is the only brand I've found that fits and looks like I want jeans to fit. There are a couple of cuts that are too large around the waist, but there are plenty that fit just right as well.