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  1. Fire away!
  2. Is this 16 sets of one exercise or muscle group? If it's one exercise (say, flat bench) I'd agree that 16 sets is too much. If it's a muscle group and you do 1 to 2 warm up sets followed by 3 or 4 different exercises with 3 to 4 sets, I think you're good.
  3. Yesterday was a holiday in the US, and the unofficial "Oh yeah, I joined a gym" day. It was crazy busy at the place I go. Luckily, my bench was next to a big Samoan guy who motivated me to push a little harder. I quit trying to keep up with him when he pressed out 325 for six.
  4. Very true, Siggs. Yesterday was arms and I still can't remember any workout I've done that burns the biceps as much as GVT. Even my wife mentioned that my arms looked pumped nine hours after I worked out yesterday.
  5. Yah, you know me. I'm back in the GVT (German Volume Training) train for my off season. I started two weeks ago and I'm liking the results. I modify from Polquin's beginner and intermediate plans, but keep the basic concept of 10 X 10 on most exercises, and 12 X 6 on others. Today I was in my 4th set of flat bench and had 205 on the rack. I bigger guy grabbed the bench next to me and (nicely) offered a spot if I needed it. Three sets later (still at 205) within roughly five minutes, he offered a spot in case I wanted to increase the weight. I declined and kept hitting my ten reps for the next set and I could tell he was confused. He finished up and watched me finish my last ten... arms shaking and all. He was trying to be complimentary, but could not fathom why anyone would stay at the same weight for so long. When I explained the concept and shared previous results, he was floored and vowed to give it a go next month. I also invited him to check out the site. So if you see a new member who can barely type his name next month, give him a big ole welcome Iron Style.
  6. I completely agree. I wonder how someone who completely dominated the scene could lose so badly back to back. And why she's choosing to stand up and trade punches blows me away.
  7. Hah! It's only the middle of January. I can't wait until February and see less faces at the gym.
  8. Make it a good one, gents.
  9. Thanks for the link. Glad I didn't drop the cash on this one!
  10. Well... that didn't go like I thought it would.
  11. Rousy returns to the ring tonight and I watched the weigh in. I've never seen her look more fit or focused. Nunez is good, but I'd be surprised if this fight goes more than two rounds.
  12. Love the commitment. I'm typing this from an indoor waterpark while it's freezing outside BTW
  13. So based on another thread you've started, who exactly do you plan on trying this out on?
  14. PM me your race schedule once you get it from figured out.
  15. Different year and different goals! Happy holidays to all!