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  1. Yes, most will blame his steroid use for his current situation. Often when we hear of an athlete becoming seriously ill or dying, we often discover that they were using alcohol and/or drugs. This is usually what is their ultimate cause of death. Like Midnight stated above, we need good food and plenty of sleep. It's a given if we want long term health.
  2. I am an RN so I wear scrubs all week. When I not working I wear shorts and T-shirts. On the rare occasion that I have to wear something nice I just do the best I can. My wife knows how much I don't like wearing dress clothes. The last suit I wore was to our daughter's wedding a few months ago. I didn't mind wearing one for that occasion, but I am glad it was a December wedding so I could outside and cool off.
  3. Thanks for the input! I am going to give them a try
  4. Has anyone used products from True Nutrition? They appear to have some good products. I know you can custom order some of their products. A couple of their products have a proprietary blend, which I am sometimes hesitant to use. Thanks in advance.
  5. That's pretty funny to watch. I really want to shave that hair off of Kai!!!!
  6. I already wear elbow sleeves and knee sleeves. I wish I still drank. Had to give that up 30 years ago!!! Besides GHRP, are there any other peptides that will help heal joints and injuries? I had a big clean out of my right delt in mid August and it's still not where I want it to be. Now, I know I am not very patient and I have resumed working out, but damn, I am ready to get back to some serious training.
  7. It also appears that they stop just short of lockout. I aaume that keeps the tension on the muscle throughout the movement. Great info. Thanks
  8. My 53 years joints will be more than happy to give this recipe a try. Thanks John
  9. Thanks guys. Apparently I was performing the powerlifting style of bench with my elbows tucked instead of a 90 degree angle. It looks like those chest flyers are being done on a slight incline, is that correct? I have always done dips with triceps development in mind. Never thought about using that smaller range of motion. Snow angels, who would of thought!!! This is another great testament to the knowledge on this site. Thanks again for sharing.
  10. Thanks again John. That is awesome information
  11. Here is my problem. I am 6' 3'' and have very long arms. My chest is one of my most under developed body parts. My front delts usually take the brunt of my chest workouts. In the last three years I had surgeries on both shoulders. I need some advice on how to get my chest to grow. I focus on exercises for my upper chest, but still feel my delts and triceps do most of the work. Any and all advice is welcomed
  12. Joker you're spot on. A few morons show up in the ER because they can't do math. Then all of a sudden we have an epidemic of Kratom abusers. So naturally the government has to step in and denigrate it before doing any research. Sorry about your experience Ironaddict!
  13. Thank you John. I will definitely give those recommendations a try
  14. Outside
  15. It would be a masturbation accident, but then "both" elbows would be sore