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  3. Every input matters , thx .
  4. Hey, I can't take credit....John did steer me in this direction.
  5. Lou is one bad dude!
  6. Ashwagandha and licorice root are a few I use or a tea containing licorice root and dandelion plus other herbs.
  7. Thx , sleep and recovery seams to be the foundation , John guided me in the right direction a while back and i got 100% better being on green tea exclusively than caffeine and theanine and than summer came by i was trying to get in shape so i switch to caffeine and ephedrine cycling with clen and i became walking dynamite lol !!. Reason i ask was that everyone one of u guys has a ton of knowledge and experience and more u know better u are .
  8. Off hand I can't remember but John would be best to answer that. Realistically they're not going to help a lot if you don't get enough sleep and keep the stress down of course. You got some good indicators figured out for yourself. One way to tell for me is if you know what your heartbeat is, then check it and if it's elevated it's a good indicator you're overtraining or overstressed. Do this first thing in the morning so you have a good Baseline.
  9. Joker what would be yr suplement regimen to protect adrenals , in yr opinion . Obviously reducing stress and staying aligned with cyrcadian rythm is a must . I use stims but i try to keep it under control even reduced it ( job , familly obligation) i use maybe 200 mg caffeine pil a day in split doses , am and late afternoon , 50mg additional preworkout with some 25mg ephedra ,that's it. My adrenals are weak i think always been that way , i self diagnose it by checking blood preasure when i stand up quick , pupil test plus even a mild stress gives me a cold sore , this year i even had case of shingles on my right shoulder that follow the path of the nerv .
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  11. It's for real and the outcome is the same it's just the mechanism as we have understood it is wrong.
  12. Awesome read , i fight this issue all the time .
  13. The MDs had it wrong too when they say there is no such thing because it's not in their books. What's happening is for protection the brain signals the adrenals to produce less. Also less receptor sensitivity as in with insulin or test. BTW Cortisol is made from cortisone (which is very anti-inflammatory, why the MDs love it). Like T-3 is made from T-4. Read the transcript or listen to the podcast.
  14. Detectable for 2 weeks on drug test, but dont know HPTA reaction rebound time.... If she measure LH FSH, youre screwed. Better to stay on 50 mg proviron a day.
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  16. I don't know if I've ever even been on track yet. When I am....look out!
  17. Im getting ready to try and get my MD to prescribe me Test again for TRT. I have been self monitoring and medicating successfully for 2 yrs now however I would like to have a Dr. Prescribed TRT for work records so Im legal if ever tested and secondly so my insurance pays for pharma grade Testosterone. Lastly if I deploy again overseas I want to be able to stay on TRT with military docs while deployed. That said the Dr. wants me to come off completely for 3 weeks. I gambled and told her what I do to see her reaction and that I wanted to get on TRT through a Dr. Surprisingly she was not alarmed however she wants to conduct bloodwork before approving which I presume is to ensure I actually need it. I dont like coming off basic TRT for 3 weeks so my plan is to switch from Test E to Test P so its out of my system quicker for bloodwork and my test levels will be low. Before TRT my total test was 149 ng/dl so it should drop but I just dont know how quickly for a blood test. My question is do any of you know on Test P (only for TRT) after last injection does our test levels stay elevated? Will it drop quickly or stay elevated for sometime despite Test P only having a 2 day half life compared to 14 day half life of Test E?
  18. Just keep going , i've been lifting for almost 25 years and i don't even remember how many times i was derailed (familly ,work, issues with life , lack of progres or simply lack of drive lol )but i kept coming back . Rarely things go according to plan its just life i guess.
  19. Whats up stud. Glad to see you back around. Part of the process, life gets in the way for damn sure. So long as we come back is all that matters.
  20. Ease back into things, it will come back quicker that way. IMO if your sore for more than 2 days your backing up. stimulate/recover/grow
  21. Generational decline in men's testosterone levels So, hold on, let me get this straight, you studied testosterone in men over the last 30 yrs and there has been a huge drop overall, disturbingly so. Who knows what it was 30 yrs prior but there is limited studies suggesting it was much higher. So, then, you create a new range representing today's low testosterone male? How much sense does that make?? Dr. J
  22. Humbling moment for sure. Still trying to find the balance between work, home and gym time. But I'll have it figured out soon I hope
  23. Hah! You could do it if you put your mind to it. I was 5’8” and 211 pounds when I started training for them.
  24. No chance of that. I don't have what takes.
  25. I was hoping that you jumped on the triathlon kick with me!
  26. Guess who's got too much blood iron. I got 58% instead of the norm max of 40%. Dammit.
  27. I ordered from Alin back in February. I received all of my order, but it took about 5 months. Also, he wouldn't reply to messages, which he used to do quickly. He sent out an e-mail recently about his new site and the site looks the same, but doesn't appear to work; you can't add anything to your cart and it looks like he's trying to move exclusively to Bitcoin. Muscle Depot has proven to be an excellent supplier, but I have a much stronger reaction (swelling and pain) to EuroChem products than I have with Balkan, SP Labs, or Stealth Juice. I have to take anti-histamines and use ice with all of them, but the Eurochem doubles the anti-histamine and quadruples the ice. Any new word on Alin?
  28. I had that argument with mine MD , before i started consulting with John , he was insulted when i told him that seeing chiropractor i learned more in a few months plus fixed my adrenal and hormonal imbalances than seeing him for 10 years . I called my health insurance provider and complained that i got no use for conventional MD , he does not have enough knowledge how to cure and prevent disease plus they just don't want to educate themselves in that direction , unfortunately doctors like John are not in their network lol !! In my opinion doctors are more like a drug dealers. Here is yr drug , pay me and dont ask questions.
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