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  2. Thx Midnight , what is yr take on temporary use of hcg , let say every 6 months just to keep testes healthy . For years now i don't do pct or breaks i just adjust drugs for what i need . Since my aspirations for competing are over , beeing healthy, lifting and beating father time is my goal . I remember u mention in one of yr threads that u dont do breaks eather ,its just counterproductive . Do u use hcg at all , and how u plan yr year as far as different compounds . I dont need dosages or specific plan , just some guidlanes what is yr foundation and what u prefer to add if leaning up . Thx
  3. My shoulders really need a new routine. I think I will follow Cedrics routine for awhile. Thanks for the article!
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  5. Since its a low dose cruise or trt I dont think you would need the arimidex. You got to remember that arimidex lowers your good cholesterol so why take it if you dont really need it. With the Masteron I would go with the enth. unless you dont mind the extra injections needed by using Mast. Prop.
  6. I adjusted the diet to 180g protein , 100g carbs and 60 -80 fats and works much better . I am 43 and on 2 iu gh , 250 g test enth. a week , 10mg tamox 2x week alternating with anastro 0.5 3x week and 5mg ciallis every other day (to prevent bp problems) , every other month i use dbl on training days for a month . I've been on it since beggining of the year, works great workout sessions are awesome . Any changes needed ? Should i change compouds and dosages . Last ,if i add t3 ,how long and at what dosage . Thx guys.
  7. 250 iu of hcg 3 times a week for how long ? Arimidex is used for entire 20 weeks or as needed and last can cialis be used indifinitely at 5 mg a day ?
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  9. So guys I was reading about 20 week cruises with 200 cyp trt plus adding 200 to 300 of masteron would prop or the Eth version be better. Plus a 250 of HCG mon wed Fri and 1/2 0.5 of arimidex and 5 mg to 10 mg of cialis a day
  10. They were a little is all becoming clear now. I thought it was weird all my orders from him were shipped from Colombia now that I think about it......and the directions for use did have both mixing with water and or baking soda.
  11. He put some of that stuff in his preworkouts he would sell a lot more of it.
  12. Coke and bodybuilding are kind of opposite lifestyles. Someday something has to give, one or the other. Stuff like that's always great in the beginning but it catches up with you.
  13. Him , Bostin Loyd and few others create unnecesary atenntion to steroids in general especially when someone dies or gets injured . That creates problems for all of us who wants to stay under the radar and use it as a part of healthy lifestyle . Nothing against Rich but he was to upfront with his drug use creating bad example for teens. Hope he recovers .
  14. Yes, most will blame his steroid use for his current situation. Often when we hear of an athlete becoming seriously ill or dying, we often discover that they were using alcohol and/or drugs. This is usually what is their ultimate cause of death. Like Midnight stated above, we need good food and plenty of sleep. It's a given if we want long term health.
  15. I know its not the kind of thing you want laying out in plain site knowing the police and paramedics are coming. But here is a young girl who just saw her boyfriend black out and hit the floor and smash his head. She immediately called 911 and the operator had her giving him CPR til the paramedics came. So she really didnt have any time to put the stuff away. I knew Piana had to be using something like coke for years now. The guy gets up before the crrack of dawn to do cardio then his non stop til 3 or 4 in the morning everyday. It's going to catch up to you sooner or later. One of bodybuilding top rules is getting alot of sleep and that one he skipped and went to using drugs to keep him going.
  16. Yes, you can live the fit life and have room for serious indulgence. But when shredded six-pack abs are in your sight, the game changes. Here's the approach you need. "What's a good ab routine to get a six-pack?" That's a question that's been posed millions of times online and in life. Little do the inquiring minds know that it's a trick question, because all the abdominal training in the world doesn't matter if you have a layer of chub covering them up. To burn that adipose tissue and reveal the abs beneath, there is no substitute for dieting—not just "eating well," but eating for a very specific goal. I've explained this to many a man yearning to show off a six-pack, and nearly all assured me, "I eat pretty good." I imagine only a few of them were outright lying. The remainder were simply ignorant of just how they truly needed to eat if the goal is taking bodyfat levels down to the point where the abs stand out in bold relief. Most of us who work out do eat better than the average person, to be sure. Yet there is a vast difference between eating to be fit and eating to be ripped. Let's walk you through it. Meal Frequency The most significant distinction between those who eat well and those who have everything dialed in tight? How often they eat. While the academics sit back and debate whether eating every 2-3 hours each day actually does anything to "speed up" the human metabolism, the vast majority of bodybuilders just know that this approach works. Why? For one, it gives you control over your food, rather than letting your circumstances control you. And if there's any better way to meet an ambitious daily protein number, I haven't discovered it. "But I can't eat/prep/afford that much food!" I've heard this too many times to count. And yes, you can. It just takes planning and preparation. You will need to compare prices, shop for the increased amount of food, learn how to prep it, then cook and store it in multiple servings. And those are all timeless skills worth learning as early in your lifting life as possible. Most bodybuilders and serious lifters will meal prep once or twice a week, baking and grilling all their chicken, turkey, fish, and lean red meat, as well as preparing their carbohydrate sources in bulk, such as baked potatoes and rice. Make no mistake, it's work. And work is what it takes to remove a significant amount of body fat. If anyone ever tells you it's possible to get extraordinarily lean without any hard work or suffering, they are either lying through their teeth, ignorant, or trying to sell you something. Start cooking now if you want to show off a six-pack! Truly Clean Food A vast amount of people out there mistakenly believe they are eating "clean," when they're miles away from it. For instance, two people can have chicken for lunch. One of them is eating a 6-ounce grilled, skinless chicken breast, perfectly seasoned but otherwise unadorned. The other is eating a chicken sandwich from a fast-food restaurant, deep-fried and slathered in mayonnaise, served on a bun. Let's do a little comparison. Chicken BreastFast-Food Chicken Sandwich Calories: 194Calories: 430 Fat: 4 gFat: 23 g Protein: 36 gProtein: 14 g It should be obvious that the nutritional profile of the chicken breast is vastly superior to the fast-food chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich has more than twice the calories, more than five times the fat, and a pathetic 40 percent of the protein! Compared to the freshly-cooked chicken breast, the sandwich is garbage. Yet a lot of people will justify it as a healthy choice, because relative to, say, a double cheeseburger, it probably is. Eating from these places on any sort of regular basis will prevent most people from ever seeing bodyfat levels low enough to clearly display the abdominals. If you want to get strong, feel fit, and look OK, you can include something like this in your diet…sometimes. But if you want results you can see, you need to kick it to the curb for the time being. Think Spices, Not Sauces The other major difference between the level of clean eating required to see clear muscle definition as opposed to just looking "fit" is that there's no room for error. You can quickly sabotage a six-pack diet with extra calories, fat, and sugar in the form of condiments, sauces, and dressings. Nowhere is this clearer than in salads. Millions of people assume that a salad is a supremely healthy meal choice. Just as with that chicken breast versus a fast-food chicken sandwich, there is a world of difference in what you opt for. For example, take the same tossed green salad. If you flavor it with 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette, you only add 15 calories and 0 grams of fat. If instead you dump a quarter-cup of Caesar salad dressing on it, as many people do, you just added 310 calories and 32 grams of fat! It's easy to see how that would hamper anyone's efforts to shed bodyfat. Other people dump ketchup all over everything they eat, or drown their healthy proteins in barbecue sauce, not realizing that their once-healthy meal is now doing more harm than good. Are you supposed to eat everything bland and without flavor? Of course not! Start learning about spices, seasonings, and marinades. These are much cleaner choices and, once you know what you're doing, they can be every bit as tasty as sauces and condiments. No "Cheat Meals" If there's one ridiculous concept that's unfortunately been ingrained into the collective consciousness, it's that training goes hand-in-hand with "cheating." Even those with very large amounts of bodyfat to lose somehow believe that they are entitled to one or more totally unrestrained junk-food meals every week—or even every day—if they are following a strict diet. If you can't see even a blurry outline of your abs and you crave that washboard appearance, trust me: You have no business rewarding yourself with a pizza just because you ate well for a few days. All you are doing is taking steps back from your goal. Learn to cook better-tasting food, stay the course, and keep eating clean until the fat is gone! Chill Out on the Booze Those of you who like to indulge in alcohol on a regular basis need to know that it's completely at odds with ever seeing clear abs. There is a reason it's called a beer belly! A 12-ounce bottle of Corona gives you 149 calories and 14 grams of carbs. That's more or less harmless on its own, but do the math and you'll see that if you're going through a six-pack of those, it's enough to wreck a day of eating. And a few wrecked days in a short time period is definitely enough to keep you from getting a six-pack set of abdominals. Wine or mixed drinks, especially those containing fruit juice, can be even more laden with sugar and calories. No one is saying you can't have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer every now and then, but if you go out and get hammered every weekend, rest assured that you are not going to be the lean, mean, beach stallion you could be if you didn't. Live For Your Goals, Love Your Life Everything I've touched on here can be summarized in two words: patience and control. Those are the skills that make great lifters in the gym, and they're what sets them apart in the kitchen. Do you have to listen to me? Nope. But if you want to be one of the few truly lean guys or girls strutting around and displaying a degree of muscle definition that sets you apart from the herd, then try eating this way for six weeks. Then see if you turn back. I'm pretty sure you won't.
  17. I may be overly suspicious, but coke on the table with rolled up bill and credit card seems too perfect. Too cliché. Might as well have had the stuff all over his upper lip!
  18. I just saw another write up on what happened...He went down in his home, when police were their they found 20 bottles of steroids and on the table next to where Piana was lying was a good amount of cocaine with a rolled up bill and a credit card next to it...That explains why he went down...But I bet you anything they will blame the steroids on it.
  19. Yeah I have followed and enjoy his posts. Certainly off kilter and out there sometimes but fantastic none the less. Seem genuine and all who know him state the same. I currently use his pre-workout called Kill It. I love it and truly had some workouts where I dont ever want to stop. Amazing energy yet no jitters or typical sides from other pre workouts with extreme amounts of stimulants. Don't get me wrong, I like some of those too, but Kill it has become one of my favorite pre workout sups. I also like his honesty on gear.
  20. He's little bit goofy looking dude but at least upfront with what he's doing. He's products are unique and properly dosed regardless he owns the company or just puts name on them. Verry nice in close encouter and easy to talk to . He had a lot of "enemies" just because he was succesfull and open about the industry especially politics that are involved . Good dude .
  21. I'm sure some of you may of heard. Rich Piana is in a comma for about a week now. He was with his girlfriend at the time and he just blacked out and went down and hit his head which I guess swelled up his brain or something so the docs put him in a comma to save his life. Their isnt much news out their about it. If you know anything please share. I know some here follow him and I have alot of respect for the guy as he has always been so open about his steroid use though his bodybuilding carreer and His line of products he sells I feel are some of the best out their. I dont know how his life is going to be if and when he recovers. He hopfully will be fine but chances are he may have serious brain damage if he even pulls through this. I hate seeing what people are saying about him and as usual blaming this all on his steroid use. I have known several men in my life that never used steroids and passed out for some reason and hit their head when falling. Sad to say all of them died from that. If you ever look at this guys life he was amazing from becoming Mr. California and winning other bodybuilding comps. to making millions from the stock market and real estate to having millions following him on facebook, twiter and instagram to having giant warehouses full of his products and making millions from that also. Not a bad life and you got to give him alot of credit to succeed so far all on his own.
  22. Brotha B! Not sure how I missed this but good to see ya!
  23. Cedric McMillan's perfect blend of size and symmetry made him a fan favorite for years, and finally an Arnold Classic champ in 2017. Now, he's willing to share what he's learned along the way. Here's this IFBB pro's in-depth guide to building world-class delts! At first glance, IFBB pro bodybuilder and 2017 Arnold Classic winner Cedric McMillan's four-move shoulder workout seems simple enough, but the devil is in the details. In a word, his style is intuitive. Isometrics, slow negatives, partials—they're all in there. At one point, he transitions from a cable lateral raise to an upright row in the middle of a set. Later, he performs a mechanical dropset from rear delt raises to chest-supported rows. And that's just today. "You catch me on any other shoulder day, and I can promise you it won't go the same way," he says. "Some people like to have structure. They like to have a set plan. Me, I like to train instinctively. I always say, when I go into the gym I don't like to have any distractions. Then it's like I can hear something whispering to me: 'Try this.' Or, 'Do that.' 'See how that feels.' 'Do another rep.' 'Hold it on that rep.' 'Do some slow negatives.'" How the Champ Builds His Shoulders IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan Watch the video: 11:16 Don't expect clear sets and reps in the workout below. Everything is up in the air, and even McMillan himself couldn't tell you what he did once a set is done. This style of training is all about "how," not "how many." This champ obviously knows exactly how to work each muscle effectively, and he's not afraid to try something new and different if it gives him a better result. To mimic his approach, focus on the muscles you are trying to work and pay attention to the little changes. They could add up to big results. Cedric McMillan Workout 1 Smith Machine Shoulder Press 1 high-rep warm-up set, followed by 4-5 sets of approximately 6-8 reps, pyramiding up in weight. Squeeze out a couple of partials at the end of the final set. 2 Single-arm cable lateral raise 4-5 sets of approximately 12-15 reps Mechanical dropset 3 Rear-Delt Fly 4-5 sets to failure, no rest. Perform leaning against bench. Chest-Supported Row 4-5 sets to failure 4 Forward shoulder press 4-5 sets to fatigue with a light weight Note: Cedric doesn't count reps. Instead, he stretches and contracts on every rep and hits a range of intensities, ending the set when he's seriously fatigued. On presses, he likes to keep reps generally low, like 6-8 after a warm-up set. On isolation moves, he keeps reps high, such as in the 12-15 range. Smith Machine Shoulder Press Although his approaches may vary, McMillan always tries to begin his shoulder workout with some kind of press. In this workout, he uses a Smith machine for a front military press, pausing at the bottom of the warm-up set to deeply stretch the muscles and work them through their full range of motion. "I believe a lot of times people get injured when the muscle is a little bit cold and they put a load on it, or have a lack of flexibility," explains McMillan. "A lot of people think you pull muscles because you lifted heavy weight, but if you have poor flexibility, that could get you injured just as easily." Unconcerned with counting reps, McMillan chases what he considers the more valuable target: maximum effort. "I never count on purpose," says McMillan. "Sometimes I will count just to make sure that I am progressing, but what I've found to be more productive is to put the weight on and just try to give maximum effort on each set." McMillan explains that focusing solely on reps can be a hindrance—even a liability. If the target is 6 reps, for example, and you stop at 6, you might be limiting yourself. Or you might push yourself a little too hard trying to get 6 just because it's number you think you have to hit. By listening to the feedback from your muscles, you can lift with the same intensity McMillan does—emphasizing proper form and precise control. Cable Lateral Raise For the second shoulder exercise, McMillan prefers a side raise. As with the press, the approach may vary—machine, dumbbell, one arm or both—but today he goes traditional, with a single-arm, outward-leaning cable raise. "I like to do it the old-school way where you lean away from the machine and extend your body out, because you get a little less gravity assistance," he explains. By leaning away from the machine, you increase the range of motion and the time the muscles spend under tension, giving your shoulders a tremendous pump. In the middle of the set, McMillan decides to switch to an upright-row version of the lateral raise, bringing up the elbow instead of just the hand. "I tried it, and it felt really good before I started my set," he says. He adds a set of this modified upright row to his workout, doing about 5 reps at a time and pausing the contraction on the fifth rep, for about 15 total reps. Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise McMillan says the bent over lateral raise is a challenging exercise, but not just because the rear delts are a tough muscle to work. Rather, he says, it's because he often feels it more in his lower back than his rear shoulders. McMillan solves this issue by positioning himself on an incline bench so his lower back doesn't have to hold him up. "By laying on this bench," he says "I'm not putting any tension on my back at all and am able to relax those back muscles so I can work nothing but the rear delts." To really to lift like McMillan, start with a straight fly movement to failure, then move into an elbows-bent wide rowing motion for the second half of the set. As much as possible, try to limit tension in your traps throughout the work, as this larger muscle group can often take over rear delt work. Forward Shoulder Press Pay close attention—chances are this is not the shoulder press you were thinking of. For this exercise, raise both arms and keep them parallel to the floor as you press forward and back in the air without ever letting your arms drop. As McMillan jokes, this exercise rarely gets its due respect in the gym. "If I see any of you doing this on Instagram, make sure you call it the right thing," he laughs. You might do a double take at the sight of an IFBB pro straining under 15 pound dumbbells, but the constant tension provided by this gravity-defying movement is no laughing matter. "I make sure the weight is moderate to light so I can control all of my repetitions," says McMillan. "There's no swinging the weight, no using momentum, nothing. It's just 100 percent control." Once again, the name of the game is quality over quantity. "I don't even count the reps on this," says McMillan. "I just take my time and make sure every rep looks good." Stretching As is often the case with elite bodybuilders, what elevates McMillan from the pack is not what he does with the iron, but what he does without it. Whether it's before his workout or after, morning or night, McMillan does an hour of stretching—yes, an hour—every day. This practice began a few years ago when his massage therapist suggested his knee pain might be related to muscle tightness, and it's taken on a life of its own. "My stretching became like meditation for me," says McMillan. "Dealing with anxiety, you find different ways to manage the stress. I work on breathing, relaxing my mind, relaxing my body, taking in oxygen, and letting it circulate." This level of control and focus distinguishes the good from the truly great. It may not be exactly your style, but McMillan's intuitive, focused approach offers deep insights into what it takes to become a champion.
  24. The important thing is if it works for you.
  25. Sorry John1621, everything was believable up until the end. After he threw the guy through the waste high wall, there is no way he walked on all that broken concrete without shoes. Uriel
  26. Thx Joker , ur wright ,with protein being that high its very low carb diet technically and me not craving carbs most of the time because fat is little bit too high that's where issue comes from . I'll try to tweak it the other way . I didn't test ( which i should) but i suspected thyroid being slugish ( hard to control body temp , etc) . I tried to introduce everything good from every method like "nutrition jet kun do" and it backfired a little bit . Thx
  27. Technically someone on a high protein diet wouldn't be Keto very much. The high protein would introduce glucose into the body via gluconeogenesis. That's said you would still be on a fat adapted diet and likely be going in and out of ketosis through the day depending. It's really not a big deal and the term ketogenic diet is thrown around a lot but people understand what you're doing. The term low-carb paleo is used a lot too. Some people with altimers, some cancers or other reasons may benefit from a strict ketogenic diet. The reason these diets or intermittent fasting may be stressful for the adrenals is because your body is trying to use cortisol to produce glucose. IMO if you're getting enough sleep and don't have too much other stress in your life shouldn't normally be any problems. Maynot hurt sometimes to cycle these things instead of being on a constant intermittent fasting and such
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