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  2. Yep, looks legit to me! Everyone in my gym trains in pro-tan. And our members wouldn't expect anything less from us mods!
  3. ive always found the best way to recover from injuries and injury prevention is form over weight. At your early stages of 'getting back in to it' I would concentrate on perhaps an upper and lower split for 3-4 weeks with good rest and recuperation. Concentrate on form with light weights and build up your weight whilst maintaining form. Once you feel stronger, which you should after a few weeks and you have improved recovery, then you can look at a split based on how much you can commit to each week. Again it is important to build a plan around what you can do week in and week out, or keep a clear diary of what is next so you don't miss body parts because you couldn't make it to the gym. This way if you say do a 3 or 4 day split and you find you have an extra day, you could either add in some extra cardio or do something a bit different like abs and calves for example. Midnight posts his daily workouts on here, and they are pretty intense, but it does give a good idea of how you can split up your routine depending on how much time you can commit. Personally my split is: Chest and Triceps + Abs + 20-30 mins treadmill Back and Biceps + 20-30 mins treadmill Shoulders/Traps etc + Abs +20-30 mins treadmill Legs + 30 mins treadmill Arms (including forearms) + Abs + 20-30 mins treadmill Cardio x 1 day 45-60 mins I'm sure there are plenty of others on here who can offer more advice. Good luck on getting back into it, I faced the same last year in October and the transformation has been amazing so far
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  5. Im coming off several injuries. And was getting back at it. My background has been plagued with inconsistencies due to repetitive injuries over the last few years so i want to make sure i have the volume and frequency i need but also adequate recovery. ive done a full budy routine in the past that I benefited from but i was also looking at the body part per day program also. Wanted to get peoples opinions and see what you think. Im just started on trt, but this is not training while on cycle. Id like to workout consistant for some time and stay injury free as well as get my bf down some before doing another cycle.
  6. Thank you sir. Just hate to see the board or members compromised -so i understand - I gained a lot of knowledge here and appreciated all the help.
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  8. I had always heard about vision issues with CLOMID but not these other SERMS and AI's. Quite interesting read.
  9. I didn't know about ironmans site being down but they are all up and running for your service. Just their websites are down. From what I can tell you...Look at our original name Steroid Encyclpedia....We had to change that due to any site with steroid in their name will be shut done and not be listed anywhere on the web...Now with these suppliers having websites...It's only a matter of time til they get shut down... All the suppliers are still listed. You just have to contact them by email which they have listed in the supplier section and ask for a product list and go from there.
  10. I've been here a long time, back in the S.E. days and although I haven't been in the forums a lot over the past few years I have come here for suppliers and have used probably about two-thirds of the suppliers since I've been a member. Now it seems like most of these websites are no longer up. Ironman, Flora, Hercules, these have all been reliable sources but now it seems that no one is available. as a longtime member good somebody maybe one the administrators or somebody tune me on to what's going on? I feel as someone who's respected the system here for so long and also encouraged others to join the board maybe a little Clarity on the situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  12. I find the one arm pull downs are super effective for lower lats. One needs to feel with the other hand at which position they are most contracted; for me it is with palm inward.... Actually making me to wide, according to my fellow cohorts!
  13. With proper use (not abuse) the reported side effects of AAS are highly over exaggerated.
  14. Day--69---BACK Lat pull downs front 5 sets of 20 to 12 reps Seated rows close grip 5 sets of 16 to 12 Lat pulls behind 4 sets of 20 to 12 Standing 90 degree cable rows wide grip 4 sets of 16 to 8 Cable lat pulls 4 sets of 20 to 12 One arm 90 degree cable rows 3 sets of 20 to 12
  15. Only if I dressed up like Frankenfurter...
  16. Day 68---LEGS Lying leg curls Superset with Leg extensions 6 sets of 30 to 20 Seated leg curls superseted with Leg Press 6 sets of 16 to 12 Stiff leg deadlifts superset with Squats 6 sets of 12 to 8 reps
  17. Ya seeing a pic of yourself on the before/after will dam sure do it.
  18. I still haven't had sex after hearing about all the STD's out there in Health Class at school.
  19. Now you know I'm sure you all are going to quit. Reminds me of in grade school they told us horror stories about rec drugs....didn't do a bit of good lol.
  20. I'm not saying what you eat doesn't impact your PH but it's not how your body maintains PH, or else we would be dead. Anyway there are a thousand reasons to eat a diet that is also "PH balanced" but that is mostly because it has stuff you need. had some interesting post on bicorbonate & muscle PH & with creatine mono.
  21. Not if your 75. I bet she would be a crazy fuck......but I dont think I could stand being around her for long though.
  22. Awe shucks...
  24. 'Nice' chart? I think I'm gonna cry!
  25. She's way too old... Yeesh!
  26. Patriots RULE the Football world. I like to say that as I've been a fan a very long time and well remember when they totally sucked! LOL
  27. May I say: I am proud to be part of iron média when I see theads like this. Excellent info.
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