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  2. Day 28---Back Day Cable lat pull downs to the front 4 sets of 20 to 12 Cable Hammer Pull downs 4 sets of 20 to 12 Standing cable rows 4 sets of 20 to 12 Seated machine rows pyramid sets with reps 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10
  3. Its still right in front of you...Just scroll up to the top of this page or any page and you will see the little magnifying glass...Just put your mouse on it and it will say SEARCH.
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  5. Sorry (as always) about my backwardness, but when we were S.E. I sorta knew what I was doing. Well, sorta... I knew where SEARCH was because it was right there in front of me. So uh- where is it now? I hate like hell to have to PM members or moderators or even have to start new topics, just to ask a simple question. Sure would like to search stuff instead. God bless, and thanks...
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  7. I feel for you bro. I got just 5 weeks left!
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  9. Thanks for the heads up on that. I haven't got 2 months worth of T. In fact I'm out NOW. TRT is going to go rather to hell in view of this. Thanks again.
  10. You can put a tag word on your thread that is specific to the topic so when people use the search function your thread would show up. Example, if you had a thread called " Diet questions" you could put the following words as tags: Calories, macros, nutrients, etc. Hope that makes sense. You do not have to use that feature if you do not want too. ( It was that way, perhaps it has changed )
  11. captcha doesn't work, from my experience with them don't waste your time or money. I ordered from them over 2 months ago, no product, no reply. I recommend HERCULES,Have ordered from him several times with excellent service, fast delivery.
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  14. Day 27---Delts Barbell Push Press 4 sets of 10 Cable front shoulder raises with rope 4 sets of 20 to 10 Dumbbell side laterial raises pyramid with reps 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 Barbell shrugs 4 sets of 50 to 10
  15. I'm pushing 70 and I suppose I'm offering that as part of my inability to make things happen that used to happen HERE routinely. But I dunno... Had no luck trying to order from Alin at around Christmas so I bailed on it after a few weeks and got my money back. NOW I ordered with ivitamins. My first problem is- conflicting info on website. One place on their site says MONEYGRAM ONLY, so I sent via Moneygram. NOW I discover that there is another spot on their site that says WESTERN UNION ONLY. Which is it? Anyone know? It seems I'm not allowed to ask THEM that question as the "captcha " crap on their contact form doesn't work at all. I simply cannot ask them ANYTHING. Some of you have seen me struggle here before, and I apologize- I really do. But I'm getting exhausted from all of lifes challenges, I truly am. PLEASE someone help me. I'm stuck in quicksand over here. SOMETHING has got to go right for me already...Weathered
  16. (Tags required? What does that even mean?!!) Test test
  17. Obviously me! But I'd do a gunshot wound in dead wild hog!
  18. Lots of stuff here with cables. Good addition to a main course. A nautilus machine will be nice if I can fit it in my home gym LOL
  19. So who here would do Susan Sarandon?
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  21. That's what told me to cut back last year,,my age. After ignoring some severe overtraining I inevitably had one of the worst injuries in my career.
  22. Lat Pull2017.doc
  23. Day 26---Chest Incline dumbbell bench press 4 sets of 20 to 12 reps Incline dumbbell flies 4 sets of 20 Dip Machine 4 sts of 20 Flat hammer grip benchpress with dumbbells 4 sets of 20 to 12 Cable crossovers 4sets of 20
  24. Day 25---Forearms and abs Seated palms up wrist curls with curl bar 10 sets of 20 Seated barbell palms down wrist curls with curl bar 10 sets of 10 Next spend 30 min. doing any ab work that works best for you,
  25. If I did 4x4 on all BP's, I'd be deformed! I'm just working the weight back up on my legs since my injury in september. My legs are growing hell. I just do 4 working sets of front squats and eventually 4 stiff deads for hams (when I feel confidents enough for my injury). That's it. Proportionally that's all I need. I tried 10 sets of10 reps on all BP's for a few months... I had traps under my ears, which is no good for someone with narrow shoulders.
  26. I do 4 sets of 4 exercises for a total of 16 working sets no matter what body part I'm training. Personally I think if you can do more than that, you're lifting in too light of a weight range. If there is not spit, snot, an occasional fart, and deep gurgling grunts coming out of your body, then the training is called Crossfit...
  27. Indeed. I think age is telling me that I need to drop off a few sets.
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