Jim Smith

5 months ago in Inspiration

Motivate your mind, and your body will follow

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Jim Smith

4 months ago in Diet & Nutrition

How To Meal Prep Like A Champ

Meal prep is my beloved (and sometimes not so beloved) Sunday ritual. However, the mere idea of meal prep can be overwhelming. It definitely had me a little freaked out when I first thought about it.

Now, I have been meal prepping for 4 years and I have learned how to make meal prep simple and work with my busy lifestyle.

For starters, let me just say meal prep is not always my idea of a jolly good time. I am not giddily excited to spend time on my weekend holed up in the kitchen.

But I put up with it because I know how handy it comes in during the week. Whenever I skimp on meal prep I feel great on Sunday with all the extra time and then during the week I’m kicking myself for not getting it together. If you’ve never tried meal prepping or you have but you can’t quite figure out how to make it work, this post is for you.

I’ll be sharing my routine and some tips in here that you can use to figure out how to get a good system going.

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Jim Smith

5 months ago in Self

Can You Handle the Obsession Needed to Reach Your Most Insane Goals?

We all have big goals, wether they be short term or long term. Goals that, even in our wildest dreams, would seem unachievable. We dream about them yet never act on them, simply because we “failed” once or twice in the past.

The truth is, we just weren’t ready for the obsession needed to reach them.

Here’s a quote from Conor McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion:

There's no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession.

I have to agree with him. Think about a goal you set yourself and “failed”. Why did you not “succeed”? Did you REALLY do what was needed to accomplish it?

Were you obsessed with figuring how to do it, came up with a solid plan and executed, executed, executed?

Not a lot of people can handle it.

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